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Rapid Recovery from Hamstring Injury – Tips & Techniques for you

Get Rapid Recovery from Hamstring pain and injury with fast acting and easy to use triggerpoint release techniques. Muscle treatment and soft tissue work is vital whether we are an athlete or any everyday person. We all have muscle imbalances, tight muscles and areas of pain. Regular soft tissue treatment can make a big difference […]

FDA warning on NSAID drug risk – choose a natural option to avoid heart attack, stroke & death.

Beware -Serious FDA warning about NSAID Drugs. Up to 50% increased risk of serious cardiovascular event, leading to death from NSAID’s. Now theres a safe option. Rapid Recovery gives you safe, fast acting and effective 100% natural anti-inflammatory pain rub.   Share this info with your friends, team mates and family who use NSAID’s – you could […]