Need Pregnancy back and hip pain relief? Great tips on how to nurse yourself better – naturally

Mary Mason said “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die”.  All of us mothers know thats so true….but what Mary should have added is “and your back will never be the same again“.

Sadly over 66% of all women suffer from back ache or pelvic pain during their pregnancy.

Here’s some tips from Nature’s Nurse to help you nurse your back better during and after pregnancy.

Rapid Recovery Family Pain Relief Cream is great to use to relieve aching backs, hips and shoulders during pregnancy, back massage relief in labour, bumps, bruises and general injuries or any where you are feeling strains and pains.

family_rub_main_imgIts safe easy & effective use in pregnancy -with no harmful or addictive ingredients -just natural effective pain relief.

It works fast – you’ll start feeling relief in just 4 minutes – way faster than a (possibly dangerous) pill.

Its targeted to the area thats hurting – rather than being absorbed by your stomach, liver and kidneys before a small amount makes its way to your back.

Its 100% natural, fast absorbing, non-staining & hypoallergenic.

It smells wonderful – with a truly therapeutic Lavender oil and feels great too.

You can use whenever you need it -simply rub on as often as needed for relief from back, hip & pelvic aches*.

Its also ideal for aching shoulders and arms as you carry and feed when you’re bundle of joy is born.  And for stress relief massages too!

The blend of ingredients treats the pain and the cause of the pain.

We use highly therapeutic levels of anti-inflammatory Arnica, with natural MSM mineral provides fast acting pain relief. Colloidal minerals provide the building blocks for our bodies repair and  Lavender essential oil helps calm & soothe.

Made in NZ to the highest quality pharmaceutical grade standards in TGA Eco-cert manufacturing facilities,  with sustainably sourced, medicinal grade herbal extracts & selected pure ingredients that are safe for use in pregnancy.

No parabens or phenoxyethanols – we use a natural, especially blended EcoCert preservative

Available in 80g and 50g tubes or 480g pump bottles, from Natural Health Stores and selected Pharmacies, Physio, Osteo & Massage Therapists. Or order online at Phone 09 529 0433

*Commonsense use clause – Always read the label and use only as directed. Avoid open wounds or infected skin.  If you are concerned or your symptoms worsen, see your healthcare professional. TAPS #PP3572

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