Make Head lice and nits a thing of the past – Lice Lather is the fastest acting, most effective and easiest to use head lice treatment  AND it’s 100% natural, smells lovely and is great to use.

Lice Lather: The Best Head Lice and Nit Treatment NZ in Stock!

Lice Lather Value Pack with Head Lice Treatment Shampoo, Prevention Spray & Nit Removal Comb - effective lice treatment best in NZ -smells great works fast and keeps your family free from nasty nits and horrible headlice fast
Best Head Lice Treatment NZ

Dear New Zealand Parents!

Did you know that 20 to 30% of kiwi kids have head lice or nits at any time? So, the chances are pretty high that when your little darling is at school or playing with friends…they’ll be bringing home some unwelcome guests to share with you and the rest of your family.

Its so easy for children to pass head lice from one to the other - Lice Lather gives you a fast safe easy way to get rid of these nasty critters in just a few minutes. Developed for families just like yours and mine - smells great and is great value too.

But never fear! We have great news. Our much-loved Lice Lather range, renowned as the best head lice treatment in NZ, is finally back in stock.

Now, you can say goodbye to the struggles of head lice, nits, lice eggs –and welcome back to peace of mind!

With Lice Lather we’re here to transform your experience with our all-natural, highly effective lice and nit treatment solution.

The Shocking Reality – finding Head Lice, Nits, and Lice Eggs in Hair

As a parent, discovering head lice or nit and lice eggs in your child’s hair can be an alarming experience. Maybe you notice your child scratching. Maybe you see a nit or a lice on the hair. If you are anything like me, you probably will feel disgusted, shocked and worried. And you will be wondering what you can do to get rid of them – FAST!

It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

These pesky critters, along with lice eggs in hair, are more common than you might think. Unfortunately, treatment resistant “super lice” have been the norm for decades now as chemical pesticides stopped working. Almost every parent will deal with them at some point.

Because I am a parent too, I’ve experienced horrible head lice firsthand (and had a dose or two myself). I was shocked to find the only options were nasty ineffective chemical poisons or unpleasant oils. When I couldn’t find a safe effective solution for my family, I researched the herbal medicine options. After much trial and research, I created Lice Lather. It’s a 100% natural product that works faster and better than any other. Thats not all. It’s also easier to use, smells better, and costs less per dose than any other we know about.

Why Lice Lather Tops Other Lice Treatments in NZ

While conventional lice treatments often resort to harsh chemicals, Lice Lather offers you a soothing, yet potent alternative.

Our 100% natural ingredients, including Neem leaf and Quassia bark, have been used for thousands of years as natural pesticides. We’ve combined these with Calendula flower & Peppermint leaf oil, not only to combat lice and nits but also to soothe itchy scalps and keep them healthy.

Fast, Effective, and Easy to Use

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Easy
  • Lovely to use
  • Great value for money
  • Complete range available

Here’s how it compares:

Fastest – Our formula requires just a 5-minute head lice shampoo. This means it the fastest and most user-friendly lice treatment in NZ. (Most others take at least 10 minutes up to 8 hours!)

Most Effective – Its efficacy is unmatched, with a success rate of over 94% in the first wash – which makes it the best % we know of in NZ

Easy – Parents love using Lice Lather – its quick and easy one step shampoo makes lice removal a breeze. It’s an all-in-one treatment – that works fast on head lice -including super lice. And Lice Lather dissolves the nit egg “glue”, which means nits slide out easily with a help of a good metal comb.

Lovey to use: No more stinky fumes. No more burning scalp or eye irritation. No more tedious waiting. No more mess. With Lice Lather the long, ineffective SMELLY & BURNING head lice treatment is a thing of the past. And there is no worries about nasty chemicals. Lice Lather shampoo and spray are 100% natural and very gentle on the scalp.

Our new improved shampoo with a natural detangling ingredient makes wet combing even better. Which means a faster, pain-free experience for you and your child…and the best for long thick hair.

Great value: Head lice treatment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! With Lice Lather there are 10 to 20 treatments per tube, giving you great value for money. Now you can treat the whole family with just one tube.

Complete Range: Our Lice Lather Preventative Spray keeps lice away, which means your little one doesnt get reinfested. Our long tooth, engraved metal nit comb is the best nit comb for removing nits and lice egg in hair.

A Kinder Approach to Lice and Nit Treatment

We understand the importance of keeping your family safe. That’s why Lice Lather is 100% natural and free from toxins and harsh chemicals, making it a safe choice for you and your little ones.

Lice Lather shampoo breaks the head lice life cycle, which means you are treating head lice, lice eggs and lice bites in one easy to use product.

head lice hair lice headlice & nits in hair
What do nits look like? Nit eggs look like small black or tan sesame seeds attached firmly to the hair by a protein glue.

Join the Fight Against Head Lice, Nits, and Lice Eggs with Lice Lather

Head lice, nits, and lice eggs don’t stand a chance against our Lice Lather range.

With our improved formula, you’re not just choosing a lice treatment; you’re choosing peace of mind. You’re choosing a natural product that’s gentle on hair, tough on nits, and kind to your child’s scalp.

As a Kiwi company dedicated to natural remedies, we at Nature’s Nurse understand the value of a safe, effective solution for your family.

My journey, from being a mother of three to a medical herbalist, led to the creation of this revolutionary product – a testament to the power of natural, effective care.

As you can see from these photos Lice Lather is easy and pleasant to use and of course it works incredibly well. (Thanks to my little girl – who along with her brothers – were the original Lice Lather product testers 🙂

It is such a simple process with Lice Lather -just apply enough to cover the hair, Shampoo in. Wait 5 minutes for it to work, Rinse well then Wet comb

Make Head Lice a thing of the past with Lice Lather….

Don’t let head lice, nits, and lice eggs disrupt your family’s life any longer.

Choose Lice Lather for a natural, effective and very easy to use solution. Visit our Lice Lather product page now and join the many families across New Zealand who trust in Nature’s Nurse for a lice-free life – naturally!