Best advice for Athletes – how to treat your sport injuries and avoid the errors of common myths like RICE

All You Need to Know about Treating Sport Injury & DOMS….

For sport and in life pain is inevitable……using Rapid Recovery makes suffering optional

At some point every athlete will deal with pain – whether its the dull ache you feel the day after an intense training or whether it’s the searing pain of a sprain or strain from an injury.

How you treat your pain and injury could make all the difference to your longevity as an athlete and how long you will keep doing the sport you love.

The way we see it there are three types of pain:

  1. Good pain ….. DOMS pain or that sweet ache after a tough workout
  2. Bad pain ….Mild and moderate Grade 1 or 2Strain, Sprain, Bruising and common Sport injury
  3. Terrible pain of a serious injury* …. Fracture, break, wound or complete Grade 3 sprain, strain or tear Get urgent medical care

Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream helps reduce good pain & speeds your rapid recovery from bad pain.

Remember for Terrible pain * you need to get urgent medical care. Rapid Recovery can help you when you are rehabing from this type of injury and in pre-hab to support your warm up and recovery after you have returned to sport or work.

Good pain and what to do about it:

Good pain is that dull ache you feel the next day after an intense workout or a tough competition. Its when you’ve deliberately pushed yourself and your muscles feel the deep ache. You don’t feel it straight away – it starts the next day.

This “good pain” is also called DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Ultimately, you have broken down the muscle fibres to build them up as they repair. That is how your muscles get stronger and more durable. It’s the purpose of your training and how you become a better athlete. It’s beneficial for you – this is why we call it “good” pain.

What is happening is that your intense exercise has broken some of the muscle fibers inside your muscle bundles. As part of the inflammatory response the body brings fluid to the injured area – to flush out damaged cells and to bring in the repairing nutrients. The swelling and injury creates pain messages that feel like a strong but dull ache every time you sit down, stand up and walk up the stairs….so every move hurts quite alot and can take a few days to get over.

What can you do about it?

Improving warm up and stretching….

There are two types of stretching : Static and Dynamic……

Dynamic stretches are controlled movements that prepare your muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues for performance and safety. Static stretches are those in which you stand, sit or lie still and hold a single position for period of time, up to about 45 seconds.

An example of dynamic stretches is increasing functional movements from a a low intensity to a peak intensity level – for example a sprinter would start with 50 slow warm up moving upto 50m all out sprint just before her race starts so she knows her body is able to perform at the intensity required for a race sprint.

An example of static stretching is the long slow holds a runner might do before their training stretching out their hamstring or calve muscles.

Static stretching is outdated thinking.

Static stretches (long held stretches) do not warm up muscles – they stretch connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons but can actually weaken muscles by loosening the tiny sarcomere connections in the muscle fibers. This means your muscle contractions are weaker.

The only thing that warms up muscles is increasing blood flow to them -through massage and movement. You can do this by massaging Rapid Recovery Cream into the key muscles (Arnica increases blood flow) and by doing doing functional dynamic movements on the key muscle groups you use in your sport, with increasing intensity.

Using Rapid Recovery on the joints will also increase the pliability (stretch) of connective tissue so that the key joints are able to reach their full range of motion more quickly.

This is a win:win – your muscles are warmed up ready to fire with nutrient rich blood flow to support their function and the joint stiffness is reduced and you are able to move more freely with a full ROM. ( If you are a runner this will feel like you have got into your easy stride and race pace more quickly.)

And the flow of natural anti inflammatory ingredients, nutrients and anti-oxidants keep your muscle cells healthier so less micro tears or cellular damage is done during intense or endurance exercise.

Improving cool down and recovery….

Rapid Recovery is ideal to use after a tough training or sports event. It will reduce the inflammation deep inside the muscle bundles – where you have micro tears at the muscle fibre or connective tissue levels. It will circulate healing nutrients and trigger the production of osteoblasts and fibroblasts – the building blocks of connective tissue and muscle repair. And it will support the immune response speeding the healing process, provides oxygenated blood and increases removal of waste products.

Endurance athletes who use Rapid Recovery say their key muscles feel less hot and tired after tough events and they recover faster. Their DOMS pain is less or none the following day and their bodies feel ready to get back into training faster.

Our proof?

We have tested on tens of thousands of endurance athletes or competitive sports people -usually after a full marathon or an intense crossfit competition- and the athletes felt an almost immediate difference. The treated side feels less hot and tired and much less painful. We asked them to simply rub Rapid Recovery on one side (arm or leg) and after 5 or so minutes compare how it feels to the other side. Its the perfect test because both sides have done the same work. Even the biggest cynics can feel the difference. They can’t believe how quickly it works And they usually yell out to their mates to come and try it too.

We’ve also tested on elite athletes that really push their bodies – such as Triathlon World Cup holder and Ironman legend Sam Warriner.

What she said was

Rapid Recovery = Great Results

“In my triathlon training I cover hundreds of kilometres a week. At times I really push it to the limit. After all that exertion my body needs to recover.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great for putting life back into my tired muscles and joints.  I use it as both a pre-training rub to stimulate blood flow and get me ready, and as a recovery aid once I’m finished.

3 things are important to me as an athlete; effective training, rapid recovery, and knowing that Rapid Recovery Rub is 100% natural.  It’s great for my performance and my health, and I recommend it to you too”.

Sam Warriner.
World #1 ITU World Cup Triathlon Holder 2008
, Silver medal winner 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Sam using Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream before she won the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman in 2009 in a course record time of 4:10:47.

Bad pain and what to do about it:

When we say “bad pain” we mean the pain from an accidental sporting injury or over use injury of your muscle, joint or connective tissue (ligament, tendon, fascia).

Accidental “acute” sporting injury is usually a muscle strain or tear, or a joint and ligament sprain such as from falling over, where you twist or damage a muscle or joint, or a bruising trauma like a tackle, collision, hard ball strike or a punch.

Overuse injuries build up over time – such as a chronic or over use injury – from training too hard, not warming up or cooling down properly -which causes your muscle or joint to fail. Often there are warning signs for this type of injury – the little niggle or twinge of pain that you just keep ignoring and then the full overuse injury flares up.

“Bad pain” can range from mild to moderate such as a grade 1 or 2 joint sprain or muscle tear…. Yes – it hurts -sometimes alot – and will take a while to repair.

But the good news is for many mild or moderate injuries you can care for the injury at home with some simple guidelines. You will be able to treat your injury faster, and save your self time and money.

The steps for mild and moderate musculoskeletal injury care are:

  • Reduce inflammation without stopping the immune system healing process – ie work on the problem and reduce the symptoms (pain, heat, swelling, bruising)
  • Treat the injured site (avoiding open wounds) and the whole kinetic chain (the muscles and joints above and below the injury which might also have damage/imbalance)
  • Keep moving -gently and carefully to avoid further injury
  • Slowly return to activity stretching first then strengthening
  • Do range of motion stretches within your limits
  • Support healing by avoiding any damaging movement – listen to your body messages and only move within the bounds of pain
  • Strengthen by gradually building up functional movements -supported weight first, then unsupported weight then single side
  • Practice pre-hab – preventative body maintenance, effective warm up and cool down to help keep you injury free

Using Rapid Recovery Sport Repair Cream helps with every stage of this process -especially if you combine it with stretching, strengthening and movement advice from a physical therapist or a trusted sports coach. Plus it is so simple to use you can treat your own minor injuries fast and safely without the time, cost & risk of pharma medicine.

Old harmful advice you must ignore……

Starting in the 1970’s standard sporting injury care was to take a pain pill and use the R.I.C.E. protocol – which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation. Using RICE protocol has been disproven and overturned -by the very man who created it Dr Gabe Mirkin. (Read “Why Ice Delays Recovery” here)

And for many years the advice from big pharma was if you feel pain, take a pill – now proven to be harmful for many reasons.

Here’s the new thinking:RICE is now outdated….

  • Dont Rest – keep moving. A small amount of rest is ok in the first few days until you get the pain and inflammation under control – but its better to keep moving with in the bounds of your pain thresh-holds. Doing gentle range of motion exercises is beneficial – like writing the alphabet, or foot pedal exercises for an ankle sprain is ideal. Work within your injury range. Follow physio guidelines.
  • Ice delays your healing and can cause further cellular injury: This is because using ice stops blood flow and removal of waste products – which delays your healing. Things which regulate healing nutrient rich flows into the injured cells and improve removal of injured cells and waste products is the best for healing. This supports your natural immune system response.

Use high quality Arnica – (choose Arnica montana flower tincture not cheap ineffective Arnica oil), in a cream that can absorb quickly to get to the injured cells. Arnica flower tincture is rich in a key phytochemical called Helenalin which is the best natural anti inflammatory to reduce swelling & bruising and to trigger the immune system healing response. Rapid Recovery Creams have the very highest levels of Arnica montana tincture, blended in a way which ensures they are delivered beneath the skin to the injured cells. Rapid Recovery works quickly to naturally reduce swelling, bruising and inflammation and helps you heal. (check the labels: if you see “Arnica oil” be aware this form of Arnica contains no helenalin phytochemical – only the oil loving esters -so doesn’t have the full anti-inflammatory benefits and will not work well. Also Arnica tincture needs to be at around 5% to be therapeutic.)

  • Avoid Tight Compression -tight strapping was originally though to stop swelling in the injured area but it has been disproven. It can cause more damage as it stops the flow of healing materials and traps the waste fluids in the site of the injury. Gentle & graduated compression can be helpful as it provides support to the injured area, but very tight compression is likely to be damaging. Better to use moderate strapping or braces that supports the area while it repairs, but doesn’t compress it so tight that nothing can move.
  • Elevation helps: propping your foot or arm onto a cushion to lift your injured area above your heart level does help you feel more comfortable in the first few hours or when sleeping but doesn’t really support healing .

Avoid further damage ….Remember pain and swelling is a message to you that you have to look after an injured area. If your body hurts pay attention and treat the injury so you can recover faster. Take care with anything that increases pain like getting back into training too hard or too fast or mashing your injured muscles and connective tissue with a roller….

Simple steps for Rapid Recovery…

Simply use Rapid Recovery Cream as soon as possible after you have suffered a sports injury like a strained muscle or a sprain, or after a tough sport event. Rub in a small amount (about 2 mls per body part) into the bruise/sprain/strain/muscle (avoiding grazes, wounds and open skin) and repeat 3 to 4 times in the first 2 hours – the more often the better to get the active ingredients into the injury. Then repeat every 4 hours. Let your pain be your guide. Treat any other areas of pain or tightness or trigger points in the muscles and joints above and below the injury ( we are a kinetic chain. Often you have smaller injuries or strains above and below the major injury).

Don’t pop a pill when you are injured…

NSAID drugs (pills & gels like ibuprofen (Nurofen) and diclofenac (Voltaren)) are proven to delay healing & increase health risks.

We’ve all been programmed over the last few decades to pop a pharmaceutical pill when we feel pain or get injured. This is bad outdated advice for a number of reasons.

Pharma meds take time to work. NSAID pills work on the whole body so they get filtered by every organ before they are delivered to the injured area…. this takes time and exposes more body systems to these drugs. A targeted pain relief cream like Rapid Recovery Cream absorbs quickly to work where it is needed around 4 x faster than an oral pill.

NSAID drugs delay your healing: NSAID’s work by down regulating the prostaglandin (PEG) hormones – which stops inflammation but also stops the healing immune system from working. This means your injury healing process is delayed.

NSAID drugs can increase risk of serious harm (such as heart attack or stroke & kidney disease), even leading to death, and even with infrequent or low level use. This is because NSAIDs work on prostoglandin hormones which controls a number of body systems -including inflammation – but also your cardiovascular system (how your heart functions), how your kidneys work and the acidity levels of your stomach. When the PEG hormone is down regulated (to reduce inflammation) the other areas are upregulated – which can lead to cardiovascular events, kidney and GI tract bleeding & damage. The FDA have a serious black box warning for all NSAID drugs (see here). The health risks increase with increased dosage.

Avoid Opioids for musculoskeletal injury – Opioids are strong, mind altering addictive narcotics for short term use following major trauma such as surgery. They have many risks including serious addiction, breathing difficulties, constipation, skin rash.

NSAID drugs include common drugs like Ibuprofen Keptoprofen & Paracetamol or brands like Nurofen & Voltaren pills and gels

Wondering what you should do for self care of moderate injuries?…..

Our advice would be to RACE back to health

Reduce movement of the injured area asap…treat your injury fast for optimal results

Apply Rapid Recovery (4x in the first 2 hours in acute injuries – and at least every 4 hours after that -avoid open wounds) to treat the injury and help you heal faster – giving you Arnica for inflammation , MSM for natural pain relief & Comfrey for faster healing, uses moderate compression or braces for support

Careful controlled movement – after swelling & bruising reduce start careful stretching movements within safe ranges; avoid reinjury – use pain messages as your guide

Education – get expert physio or sport coach advice to understand your injury timelines, for strengthening exercises to get you back stronger and movement/training advice to avoid future injuries.

Rapid Recovery offers you many benefits for muscle and joint use in one cream:

  • Fast acting long lasting relief from pain – starts to be felt in around 4 minutes lasts for up to 4 hours. Works 4 x faster than pills.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory – reduces swelling and redness
  • Extra strength Arnica bruise cream quickly reduces bruising and discolouration – 700x more Arnica montana than homeopathic gels
  • Uses the premium grade of Arnica montana tincture which contains Helenalin not the cheap and ineffective Arnica oil
  • Topical anti-oxidant supports cellular health during the critical injury recovery time
  • Targeted to the injury area – doesn’t affect any other body system or interact with other medications
  • Supports joint health & reduces joint stiffness for easier movement
  • Supports better sleeping -helps you get to sleep easier when you have a painful injury
  • Supports your rapid recovery and faster healing by improving cellular delivery of healing actives and removal of waste products
  • Natural muscle relaxant to reduce tight tense muscles and muscle knots – great for therapeutic and sports massages
  • Helps reduce overuse and RSI injuries -use before and after repetitive work to support musculoskeletal health and recovery
  • Great for other minor and annoying inflammations such as mosquito bites, chill blains, chapped skin or even swollen glands
  • Sports Cream / Muscle Rub to improve your warm up and cool down and your muscle health during exercise
  • Absorbs fast and deeply to work at the cellular level.
  • Great to use – gently cooling, non greasy, fresh light mint aroma.
  • Highest level of active ingredients in the New Zealand market
  • WADA safe for drug free sport – No narcotic or banned ingredients
  • No nasty ingredients 100% natural cream, free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, Animal testing and GMO’s
  • No known health risks after field testing on ‘000’s and 15 years of use
  • Proudly developed and made in New Zealand

Remember if your pain level is “Terrible*” or if it is a serious Injury Grade – 3 muscle or ligament tears, broken bones get urgent medical help….

(*NB: This is a general guide only and not replacing medical advice or physical therapy advice. In this classification –Serious Pain is a severe grade 3 injury -ie: a complete rupture of the tendon or full tear of a muscle or any type of bone fracture or break, or where you are bleeding extensively. Our advice is to get urgent medical help as soon as possible. We are only talking about self-care of mild to moderate muscle and joint sporting injury here – not bleeding, broken bones, infection, internal injuries and all the other types of serious pain or other medical conditions. If you experience any other concerning symptoms – fever, intense pain, loss of feeling , bladder or bowel control, nerve injury, etc seek urgent medical advice)

Want fast safe natural pain relief? Wonder if Arnica creams or herbal cures actually work? Here’s what you need to know.

Do Arnica Cream or Herbal Creams actually work?

Are you skeptical that Arnica cream and other herbal creams actually work? Or do you wonder how do they work for natural pain relief? How do they help with healing sprains, strains, muscle and joint injury or bruising?

Are you trying to find natural pain relief options that are safe for you and all your family? Or an effective fast acting anti-inflammatory cream for sports injuries?

Are you wondering about the serious health risks of using NSAID drugs like ibuprofen or diclofenac (such as Voltaren or Nurofen?)

Do you want to know if Arnica Cream is safe during pregnancy? Or good to use on young children?

Do you want to know about the 3 stage healing process for all types of muscle and joint injuries and how you can help it?

Read on…. Here’s all the information about why Rapid Recovery Cream is the perfect safe effective and natural pain relief anti-inflammatory bruise cream and healing remedy for everyone in the family – naturally!

Rapid Recovery -natural pain relief creams that help you heal.

The first question is do Arnica Creams (or other herbal creams) actually work?

The quick answer is absolutely yes! It’s very possible to get fast, safe & natural pain relief and fast anti-inflammatory relief. But you must choose herbal creams with the right active ingredients, and the right quantity of active ingredients.

Our advice? Read the label and choose a product with highly effective levels of proven natural ingredients.

The most important thing to check out is the way the Arnica ingredient is processed. For example – you will want to choose those products with Arnica flower tincture (NOT the cheaper Arnica flower oil or Arnica extract).

Only Arnica montana flower tincture has the active phytochemical called Helenalin. This is the potent, proven, highly active anti-inflammatory which stops bruising & swelling and also has strong immune stimulant properties, to speed up your natural healing process.

Arnica flower extracted in oil is not very active – as the vital phytochemical helenalin is a polar molecule which means it is not oil soluble. Products with Arnica oil extract will have only the helenalin esters which are roughly 1/20th of the strength of Helenalin so much, much weaker than hydroalcoholic tinctures.

And it has to be from the Arnica flower – Other Arnica extracts which are from Arnica stem or roots won’t work – those parts of the plant does not have high levels of helenalin.

And it has to be Arnica MONTANA – not cheaper Mexican Arnica or other variety’s as these are not high in anti-inflammatory actives.

And it has to be in a cream base that supports transdermal absorption – it’s no good for your healing process if the remedy is an oil or has wax in it as this will leave the active ingredients sitting on the surface.

Better yet choose a product like Rapid Recovery. Made with Arnica montana flower tincture & other ingredients like Comfrey & MSM mineral supporting all aspects of injury healing & repair.

Here’s what you need to know about Arnica…

Arnica comes from the highly regarded Arnica montana plant which is a member of the daisy family. The best quality Arnica is grown at high altitude on stony soil in remote European mountains.

Arnica montana flower is strong natural medicine. When extracted as a hydroalcohoic tincture, it is the only recognidsed source of potent natural anti-inflammatory & immune system support - the phytochemical Helenalin
Arnica montana flower. Only the tincture form has Helenalin – the key active botanical.

For decades now in Europe and more recently in Australia products containing Arnica have been allowed to make significant statements about their benefits including these phrases:

Arnica montana flower:

  • Helps decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of muscle sprain/strain
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve bruise swelling
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of mild arthritis/mild osteoarthritis
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint inflammation/swelling
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of muscle injury/ailments
  • Analgesic/Anodyne/relieves pain
  • Anti-inflammatory/relieves inflammation
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint inflammation/swelling
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve bruise swelling and pain.

What is the quality of Nature’s Nurse Arnica product?

Our comparison research shows that Rapid Recovery Cream is the highest quality and quantity of active plant ingredients.

To achieve this we follow this process:

First, we scientifically test Arnica flower for purity (to be certain it’s the right plant).

Then the extraction process begins which can be via oil or in a hydro-alcoholic blend (called a tincture).

This is very important. To be an active product that complies with the German E Commission standards the extract MUST be a hydroalcoholic form. The reason for this is simple: the key phytochemical, Helenalin, is a polar molecule. It is only soluble in alcohol and slightly soluble in water. You might see Arnica oil on some labels – as we said before the key phytochemical Helenalin is Not Soluble AT ALL In Oil.

So, to get effective Arnica cream you must choose an Arnica flower tincture product. And it must be from the flower and grown in high mountainous areas. Arnica extracts from Arnica root or leaf doesn’t contain the potent Helenalin. And if your flower is not grown in rocky alpine meadows, research shows the level of Helenalin is lower.

Also to be effective you have to use enough of the active phytochemicals -which is why we recommend you avoid homeopathic extracts. These use the same base herbal tincture (called the mother tincture) as medical herbalists would use but then are diluted to such a high degree (up to 1 part per billion) they are unlikely to have any effect.

Nature’s Nurse founder is a medical herbalist. Researching and understanding how herbal ingredients work is her absolute passion. Her guiding principles (and our company logo) green cross herbal medicine, that is fast, effective, safe and natural.

We don’t ever cut corners and use cheap ingredients. Everything works together for a complete solution. In many cases our ingredients do double or triple duty -supporting multiple aspects with one ingredient.

We are totally committed to creating premium quality holistic remedies that treat every aspect of common painful and pesky conditions. We use the best botanical ingredients that work with your body systems and help you heal – naturally.

Our Arnica montana flower tincture extract is premium quality.

Our Arnica flower tincture is grown and sustainably wild crafted in remote, pristine European mountains. The therapeutic part plant used is the flower, which is harvested sustainably, when the flowers begin to wilt (which is the peak level for Helenalin). It is extracted in the tincture (hydro-alcoholic) form. And scientific testing now proves the purity, quality and efficacy of the phytochemicals both before and after manufacturing. As with all our ingredients they are research based, made with cGMP practices equal to pharmaceutical ingredients and of the very best quality available.

Arnica flower from the European chemotype, grown in rocky high altitude soil, like the European Alps has the highest amount of the powerful Helenalin active that gives Arnica it's anti-inflammatory action to quickly reduce bruises, swelling & redness and speed up the healing process for common musculoskeletal injury like sprain, strain, contusion, tendon and ligament tears and other common soft tissue damage
European Arnica montana flos. (flower), grown in high alpine conditions, extracted in tincture (hydroalcoholic) form at various strengths with the 1;5 ratio being the strongest. This is the plant variety, part, growing condition and extraction method recognized by the EU Commission of Herbal Medicine as a long standing traditional therapeutic topical remedy for bruising, muscle strains, joint sprains and other acute and painful musculoskeletal injuries, along with relief from insect stings and bites,

“Arnica has a long history of use in Europe, especially in the Romanian and Balkan state mountain areas where it grows naturally. 

The English translation of the ancient Greek word “Arni” is lamb, while “ca” is the feminine form of “like or pertaining to”,  which probably refers to the plants soft, hairy leaves feeling like a lamb. Or it could describe the first users of the flower for it’s medicinal qualities.  The other name Arnica is commonly called is “Wolf’s Bane” or “Leopard’s Bane”. Bane is an old-fashioned word that means annoyance or distress.

The history of this name explains Arnica’s benefits. Shepherds observed that after young lambs or goats they were tending occasionally fell from the mountain paths, they rolled in or sometimes ate the mountain daisy (Arnica montana) flowers. This herbal medicine meant the clumsy lambs or goats survived the bruising and muscle and joint injuries from their fall and quickly repaired with full mobility. And because of using Arnica they frustrated the waiting wolves and leopards who were hoping to enjoy a tasty young animal that had conveniently died from injury. So this is how the Arnica plant became commonly known as Leopard or Wolves Bane.

It’s likely that after seeing the success for their herds, shepherds started using Arnica flower on their own muscle and joint injuries with great success.  The first recorded medicinal information was in the writings of the medieval healer Hildegard von Bingen who wrote about this plant in her work entitled “Physica” in the 11th century, showing how long this healing plant has been useful to humans.”

But Rapid Recovery’s not just an Arnica cream… the synergistic blend of other potent multifunctional ingredients means a complete remedy to help you heal – naturally.

Along with the potent, proven and safer anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating benefits of Arnica, Rapid Recovery Creams also has other important ingredients known for:

  1. fast acting natural pain relief from menthol derived from the Peppermint Essential oil, and from Sulphur from MSM mineral (which is believed to work by blocking the nerve pain pathways
  2. faster injury repair from:
    • Allantoin which supports improved healing (derived from Comfrey leaf not the root). Allantoin is beneficial for it’s anti-inflammatory actions and because it speeds up the release and delivery of vital stem cells, like osteoblasts and fibroblasts, that are used to create the repair scaffold, and later support the roughly formed scar tissue realignment.
    • from helenalin which supports angiogenesis (growth of blood capillaries) and the faster relief of swelling & congestion (via histamine)
  3. Injury recovery
    • from the keratolytic benefits of allantoin which help realign scar tissue and reduce adhesions
    • from sulphur and MSM which is a GAG, that supports collagen generation for maintaining muscle and joint health
    • and colloidal minerals to provide anything that may be missing from an inadequate diet
  4. Finally we add extra benefits from therapeutic essential oils which smell great and provide concentrated healing phytochemicals in their own right.

MSM – Methyl sufonylmethane

MSM is a natural mineral -found in our bodies and in some leafy greens and large trees like pines. MSM is a highly bioavailable source (>34%) of the important healing mineral Sulphur.

The Australian TGA have a range of approved terms for MSM which are:

  • Maintain/support general health and wellbeing of joints & muscles (where applied)
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint aches and pains
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve symptoms of mild arthritis/mild osteoarthritis
  • Helps maintain/support joint cartilage health
  • Maintain/support joint health
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint inflammation/swelling
  • Maintain/support joint mobility/flexibility
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint pain/soreness
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve mild joint stiffness
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle cramps
  • Maintain/support muscle health
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle pain/ache/soreness
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle tension/stiffness
  • Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle tiredness

Comfrey leaf (Symphytum officinale)

And the final key ingredient is Comfrey leaf extract – which is a hydroalcoholic tincture of medicinal comfrey extracted from the leaf. It is high in allantoin, rosmarinic acid and healing minerals.

The Australian TGA approved terms for Comfrey are:

Comfrey has been traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine to assist with:

  • the relief of minor pain/swelling associated with bruises.
  • the relief of mild joint sprains/muscle strains.
  • the relief of mild joint pain associated with sprains.
  • The relief of mild muscle strains
  • the relief of mild muscle pain associated with strains.
  • the symptomatic relief of bruises.
  • the relief of mild pain/swelling, associated with bruises.

Extra multifunctional benefits:

We go the extra mile by also adding in colloidal minerals and therapeutic essential oils which further support healing and repair.

Transdermal penetrating cream base

There is no point creating an amazingly effective product if it sits on the surface of the skin and cant get down to the cellular level where the injury has happened.

In Rapid Recovery Creams the 100% natural cream base was carefully created with the highest quality oils and cosmetic ingredients to be a highly effective transdermal (below the skin) penetrating cream- so it absorbs quickly and deeply. This means the cream and all the active ingredients absorb deeply so they can get to work faster, with no greasy or oily residue on the skin and no nasty systemic side effects from oral pills.

The second thing you need to know is how our body deals with muscle and joint injury or trauma …

When you have an accident and suffer from a musculoskeletal injury – such as a sprain, strain, muscle tear or bruise, it’s what is happening in your cells that matters.

With the force of the trauma the cells at the site of the injury get damaged. The cell walls may rupture and split spilling their contents into the intra cellular space where they don’t belong, the blood vessels may tear and spill blood under the skin (bruising), muscle cells & fascia tissues rupture and tear (strains), and ligaments which attach muscles to your bones stretch or rupture.

In order for us to get better and begin healing the body needs to stop the damage, clear up the mess and begin repairing the injury. It does this by a natural system called the inflammatory system.

It’s a bit like what happens when there is a major traffic accident on an important highway. Just like with a traffic accident, the cleanup can involve alot of chaos and damage with lots of people & organisations involved. The goal is to first to stop any more damage, and then to repair the road system. All involved work together passing messages, making plans, laying down alternate roads to stop further congestion happening on the highway, working in a coordinated way to clear up the damage and make repairs.

You might see first responders, police, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, traffic management & repair crews, even civil defence units or the army in major accidents. There is lots of coordination and organization involved – with every decision going through the central control system. Everything has to work in stages. There might be set backs and temporary patch ups required. It can take a while to get repairs underway until all the materials and workers are in place.

Things often get abit messy before they get better. But if the system is working right after a while the highway is repaired and things are back to normal, fit for purpose and working well again.

In the human body, we have the same type of system, designed to help us heal after a muscle or joint injury trauma. Just like in a serious traffic accident, there are lots of parts involved in getting the human body system fully repaired. We call this the inflammatory repair process.

The inflammatory process has 3 basic stages:

  1. Inflammatory – where the injury message is sent to the immune system – this involves the inflammatory signals of heat, redness, swelling, restricted range of movement & pain
  2. Proliferation – where the immune system “repair crew” & the healing material is rushed to the injured area. Then dead cellular waste is carried away
  3. Repair & remodelling – where the repair process starts, with temporary scaffolds of fibrin scar tissue material. Then rebuilding and realigning of the damaged cells/ tissue to their final state.

Phase 1 : The inflammatory stage

The first stage of repair involves letting the main control center of the body (the CNS & brain) know that there is an accident or injury and what type it is.

Cytokines are one of the key messenger cells that cruise around the areas of the body, like local traffic officers on local highway. When they see a big traffic accident, they can’t deal with it all by themselves. They must let the central control system (our immune system) know that help is needed.

Unfortunately, cytokines don’t have cell phones. They send messages through nerve pathways and messenger hormones. But sometimes, when it is an emergency, that system is too slow. They need to create a bigger, faster warning signal, so the immune system takes notice and sends lots of help. They have to use what they have available, so they create inflammation. This is abit like creating a bonfire on the highway, setting light to damaged cars, to send an urgent signal to the control headquarters.

Inflammation is the signals we all know – redness, heat, swelling, loss of movement and pain. These are our body’s way of alerting the immune system to start the repair process.

To do this, cytokines need to send a signal to the immune system. To do this they sacrifice some of the body cells in the area to create an inflammation -the message bonfire. The cytokine messengers bind with receptors on the nearby cell walls and enter the cell. Then they travel through the NF-kB pathway down to the cell’s nucleus. There, they alter the DNA to send an inflammatory mRNA message out of the cell. This makes the cell rupture an die, spilling it’s cellular material into the intracellular area, where it doesn’t belong. When enough cells have ruptured, they get noticed by other immune cells like phagocytes or neutrophils.

This process triggers the immune system response and starts the first phase of the natural repair process.

The immune system then takes over and begins to coordinate the other 2 stages of the repair and remodelling.

It’s common for people to believe “all inflammation is bad” and they should just take a pain pill or NSAID drugs or use ice to stop the symptoms of inflammation after a muscle or joint injury. .That is understandable as we all want to avoid things that are painful. But it is faulty information, starting from drug companies and sports physicians, that has now been debunked and discredited.

Infact, it is vital for our bodies to go through each step of the inflammatory process to repair correctly. If you stop the process during the inflammation step, then the other two steps of the vital clean up and repair process are halted and our injury healing is delayed.

The second phase of the injury repair is called proliferation – which involves the body bringing in the repair crew. Healing material and specialist immune repair cells rushed to the injured area. Bleeding is stopped. The dead cellular waste is carried away. The basic fibrin repair structure is roughly laid down to give a scaffold for other more careful repairs later on. There is often a lot of swelling and congestion at this stage which explains the term proliferation. Gentle movement is very beneficial to support the transport to the area (lymph etc only moves when the muscles move – doesn’t have a beating pump like blood does).

The third phase is the repair and remodelling process. The rebuilding and realigning stage. Blends with the 2nd stage and continues the work of rebuilding the damaged cells/ tissue to their final state of full strength and range of motion. Involves alot of strengthening exercise and can require manual massage or frictional massage to support scar fibre breakdown or realignment -especially in harder ligament or tendon fibres. If this stage is skipped or not fully completed the joint or muscle will be permanently weakened or have scar tissue adhesions which limit your range of motion and ease of movement.

There isnt a clear demarkation or time for each phase, as every injury is different and all of the phases cross over abit as the process continues. But the 3 steps are the easiest way to think of our healing process.

And the most important thing to remember is that …..

Using Ice or NSAID’s and anything that stops this process delays your healing.

That is why using ICE on musculoskeletal injury has been discredited. Ice numbs the skin and nerves by freezing them, but it also slows or stops the immune system response, by stopping the flow of the messenger hormones and the first responders & emergency vehicles who are trying to repair the area. Ice use was developed in the 1970’s as part of the R.I.C.E. protocol by Dr Gabe Mirkin. This renowned US Sports physician used it because ice because it was cheap, easily available and felt good on a hot injury. However over recent years significant research has shown ICE delays healing, weakens muscles and has the risk of cell death from frost bite. Dr Mirkin himself has now discredited the use of R.I.C.E. & ice for injury care.

In a similar way using NSAID drugs stops the inflammatory messengers and the vital first inflammation step, so they delay your healing. NSAIDs are the commonly available Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs which include pills and gels. The common drug names and brands are:

  • ibuprofen (Nurofen®)
  • diclofenac (Voltaren®)
  • naproxen (Noflam®, Naprosyn®)
  • ketoprofen (Oruvail®)
  • celecoxib (Celebrex®)
NSAID Drugs look pretty but delay your healing and have many dangerous side effects affecting your cardiovascular system (increased risk of heart attack & stroke), your GI tract (increased stomach ulcers and bleeding) and increased risk of kidney damage. NSAID drugs work by down regulating prostaglandin which is damaging because prostaglandin also signals inflammation to the immune system and controls functions in the 3 vital body systems above - your heart, kidney and stomach.

Why NSAID’s cause you harm….

These bright colourful pills look pretty but, unfortunately, all NSAID’s delay your healing and can cause many serious health risks.

Here’s why.

NSAIDs work by regulating your COX 1 and COX 2 enzymes which are part of a process that creates the vital prostaglandin hormones. If you interfere with the COX enzymes you also interrupt other body processes like blood clotting and creation of protective mucous for your stomach lining. But the biggest impact is stopping prostaglandins being made.

These prostaglandin hormones regulate many body functions including inflammation. They are supposed to be balanced, a bit like a see-saw. And, like a see-saw when one side goes down -the other side goes up. Simply put, anything that down-regulates one side, up-regulates (or increases) the other side.

On one side of the see-saw, Prostaglandin hormones – particularly PEG E2 – control the release of vital cytokines – which is our body’s messengers who use inflammation signals to warn of danger & trauma. Stopping cytokines temporarily stops the symptoms of pain and inflammation. But it also halts the viral first step of the inflammation process, and so delays your healing response. This means you are treating the symptom but not the cause. You wont get better until you stop taking the NSAID drugs, as without all the 3 steps of the inflammation repair process, your injury cannot begin to repair.

Unfortunately, the bad news gets worse.

On the other side, prostaglandins also control your cardiovascular system & kidney function GI tract and other vital systems.

Extensive medical research now recognises NSAID drugs -both pill and to a lesser degree, topical gels- increases risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney damage. They cause GI bleeding, due to limiting the production of the mucosal lining which stops stomach acid from eroding your stomach and creating bleeding ulcers. The warnings state NSAID’s also increase health risks in pregnancy and increase asthma issues with susceptible people.

Unfortunately, as well as delaying your healing process, these pretty, bright coloured pills can cause serious harm and even death.

NSAID drug risks are not very well known. Many people simply don’t read the packaging info to know the risks. Or they assume, because NSAID pills are so widely prescribed and sold, even in supermarkets, they must be safe.

It’s common to “pop a pain pill” to treat any pain condition. Using NSAID pills (along with ice and the RICE protocol) is the first line of action for nearly every common muscle and joint injury. Or even to avoid upcoming pain, such as a hangover or DOMS pain from a hard training or sports event.

Want Research and Proof?

It is proven and documented that NSAID drugs just mask the symptoms, but do not treat the underlying injury. Yes they give you temporary relief, but delay your healing with dangerous risks to your health.

In both 2005 and 2015 posts by the FDA warns about the increased risk of death from NSAID’s as being from a 10% to as high as 50% increase, (depending on the drug taken and the dosage). NSAID risk increases even at low dose and infrequently, or without prior cardiovascular, GI bleeding & kidney damage risk. The US FDA requires US drug companies to outline all the risks on their drug warning information and advertising as well as with a “black box warning” on the outside of the drug package.

So NSAIDs mask the problem, delay your healing process and can increase your risk of serious harm.

A better option is to work on the source of the pain and to use products that support our body’s natural healing process.

What about other types of creams and gels?

Other products, like heat creams or liniments, use capsaicin, methyl salicylate or very high levels of camphor and eucalyptus. These are a group of rubs or gels called “counter-irritants“. This basically means they take your mind off the deep pain by causing surface pain and irritation on your skin. So, you get two layers of pain – on the skin, and at the injury site.

Heat rubs are classed as “counter irritant” which means they create local irritation , which can be beneficial for increasing blood flow. This warms up the area and over time supports healing, but these type of heat gels and creams don’t have active healing properties. They are usually very smelly, greasy to use and stain your clothing. They can be hard to wash off your hands. So beware. If you get heat rubs on sensitive body parts (face, groin, lips, eyes) you’ll have hours of unintended pain.

Be careful of burning heat rubs on sensitive areas -the pain can last for hours
OUCH….Heat rubs on sensitive areas can cause hours of pain….

Homeopathic creams are natural and do start with full strength herbal extracts – including Arnica tincture. However, homeopathic formulas get very diluted (up to 10x-12- a billion times). When taken orally homeopathy does seem to have benefit. The extreme dilution makes it very unlikely to be beneficial if used on the skin.

Now there is a better alternative.

Rapid Recovery Cream is an amazingly effective, highly active 100% natural relief and injury recovery remedy. It combines highly therapeutic multi-functional natural ingredients, which work synergistically as anti-inflammatories and immune system stimulants, working in harmony with the bodies natural healing process to support your rapid relief and recovery from most muscle and joint injuries. It is highly effective for swelling, bruising & mild to moderate musculoskeletal injuries like sprains, tears and strains.

It combines highly therapeutic levels of full-strength herbal medicine, including Arnica flower & Comfrey leaf tinctures, along with MSM mineral pain reliever, Essential Oils & Colloidal minerals. This gives you the complete package of natural pain relief, inflammation support and rapid injury recovery.

The active ingredients are formulated in a cream base that absorbs deeply. This delivers the active ingredients right where they are needed and works much faster than pills. You begin to feel relief in just a few minutes.

Created by a medical herbalist to work holistically and support faster, safer recovery and repair of common muscle and joint injuries. With Rapid Recovery Cream you can nurse yourself (and your family) better- naturally.

Here’s all the benefits we think you will love:

This holistic all-in-one remedy means you have everything needed for faster natural healing and injury repair of mild to moderate muscle and joint injuries. This means you have a complete all in one remedy which:

  • saves you money (and space in your medicine cabinet) from buying multiple products for each of the stages of relief, recovery and repair
  • saves you time away from sport, work and family you love by helping you heal faster
  • is safer for you by supporting your healing & recovery naturally, without pharma drug risks and side effects
  • it means you can be prepared and treat small tweaks and strains before they become bigger
  • means you can be self sufficient by nursing yourself and your family better, at home
  • it helps keep your muscles and joints healthy when you put them under extra strain from work, gym or sports

More info:

Are you the curious type .. want to know more? We know, we are too!

Here’s more indepth info:

The biochemistry of injury…. and how Arnica works to stop inflammation in our body.

Here is info on natural pain relief options and how they work with your body to support your healing process. Look for herbal creams containing Helenalin from Arnica tincture blended with other herbal actives. This means you will fully support the body’s natural healing and repair process.

Cellular research shows Arnica’s Helenalin phytochemical works inside human cells, right at the cell wall which is the beginning of the NF-kB pathway. This is the key, widely researched inflammatory pathway from the cell wall to the cell nucleus.

Helenalin, found in Arnica flower tincture, works by stopping the release of P65 dimers at the cell membrane (cell wall). These P65 dimers are paired with P50 dimers and they are like the first domino in a row of dominoes. When the first domino falls the rest cascade down. When cytokines move into the receptors on the cell wall, it normally starts a process or inflammatory cascade, where the dimers are released which then allows the harmful cytokines to travel from the cell membrane to the cell nucleus, with the goal of killing the cell and making it explode.

Then the cytokines do a similar process at the cell nucleus wall. The end result is the cell nucleus is attacked and the cellular DNA is damaged. This makes the cell die – it literally explodes spilling the cellular material into the fluid outside the cell, which, when is considered a “foreign body” so triggers an immune response, to start the healing and repair process. If the immune system doesn’t respond more cells are sacrificed, sometimes leading to a “cytokine storm”.

The cell damage and death creates the symptoms we call inflammation – which are heat and redness, swelling, pain, and loss of movement. It’s a natural process that our body goes through when any invaders are found in the extra-cellular fluid -whether the invaders are a virus, a toxin or the cellular material from damaged cells.

Helenalin is a strong natural anti-inflammatory and potent immune system stimulant.

Helenalin stops this process at multiple points, starting with

1) stops the NF-kB pathway being triggered (which means the cell does not have to die) and

2) sends an instant message to the immune system that injury or damage has occurred and

3) works hard to keep the cells healthy by regulating cellular fluid levels, removing cellular waste products and improving flow of healing plasma & nutrients.

4) works by blocking NF-kB pathway at multiple sites through out the cell.

5) Also down regulates Interleukin and TNF protein messengers to keep the cell healthy.

6) Helenalin is the first chemical that has been shown to turn off inflammation where it has already started (like in arthritis or chronic pain).

cell biochemistry showing how helenalin phytochemical works to stop NF-kB breakdown and how it supports cell health.
How Helenalin from Arnica tincture works inside a cell speeding your recovery

This picture explains some of the complex cellular biochemistry. What is important to understand is the multiple ways Helenalin works, without side effects.

By contrast, pharmaceutical NSAID drugs work on only one aspect – limiting Cyclo-Oxygenase – COX 1 & COX 2 which stops production of prostaglandin that then halts the release of the cytokine messengers that signal the immune system that damage has occurred, and that healing help is needed. Anything upsetting this vital process causes healing delays and often has serious adverse side effects and health risks, including increased risks of asthma, kidney damage, GI bleeding, cardiovascular damage including heart attack, stroke and death.

Unfortunately the risk of using NSAID drugs is very high -both in the pill form and while it is abit lower (research says approximately 17% less) in the topical gel form there are still significant risks. The risks appear to be greater in more vulnerable groups like children, senior citizens, pregnant & breastfeeding women or those with kidney, stomach or cardiovascular conditions.

Clearly delayed healing and serious adverse effects and health risks are not ideal. Choosing a safe effective fast acting and natural product is what you and your family need.

You need Rapid Recovery – a fast, effective, safe & natural solution that helps you heal

The end result for you and your family, is that if you use Rapid Recovery Creams you get an all in one remedy that gives you fast acting natural relief from inflammation and swelling, natural pain relief plus better healing. It is highly effective to support natural healing from bruising, swelling, inflammation and support your rapid recovery from common muscle and joint injuries like Grade 1 & 2 sprains and strains. (Remember- for serious pain, grade 3 injuries and other uncommon symptoms that don’t resolve quickly get urgent medical help).

And it helps keep you moving easily and enjoying sport, work and family without aches and pains. If you use it as soon as an injury occurs (and for 3 or 4 more times to get the active ingredients into your body), aches strains, bumps and bruises will resolve rapidly.

Again…where’s the proof ?

Photographic proof: Rapid Recovery Cream is amazing at reducing bumps and bruising in just one hour.

This is Sophie at her 8th birthday party – where an accident happened causing a huge, instant bump on her forehead.

Fast reduction in Bruise on childs head using Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream with Arnica and MSM. Goes from significant dak hemotoma to flat  and pale in one hour.

Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream was gently applied to the bump, then repeated 3 times. The injury was almost completely resolved in just one hour. The first 2 photos shows how upset Sophie is, with a bump that stuck out further than her nose. The following three photos -taken 20 minutes apart – show how quickly the bump resolved.

After one hour (4 treatments) the bump is flat. You can only see the slight colour of a minor bruise.

This isn’t an isolated example. The same results of very quick reduction of bruising and swelling have been seen again and again. Especially if applied as soon as possible after an injury and used at least 4 times. This gets the full dosage of herbal ingredients to the injury site and speeds up the natural immune response and healing process.

And people with chronic swelling and joint stiffness like osteoarthritis, or muscle pain / myalgia report they get great temporary symptom relief from natural pain and stiffness, with an overall improvement in their easy comfortable movement. While it cant reverse the damage it can and does support their joint and muscle health and helps them move more easily. They tell us it keeps the pain at bay for a time, so they can knit or garden again. It is a safe, natural complimentary medicine they can use along with their arthritis medication.

Field testing proof:

To prove effectiveness of the Sports Repair Cream we have field tested on thousands of athletes after finishing endurance events like marathons, full triathlons or CrossFit competitions. The endurance athletes – whether they are elite athletes or weekend warriors – love the fast results. They find it very effective for natural relief on their hot tired and painful muscles. Best yet, it can be used for warming up muscles and joints, or before a race to treat a niggly pain. And it is very safe without known side effects. After over 15,000 field tests and 15 years of in market use – we have not had one report of health risk, side effects or harm from using this Rapid Recovery product. In fact the only complaint we hear is that people get annoyed when their friends or family try Rapid Recovery and then steal the tube.

Rotorua Marathon stand – field testing on thousands of marathon runners

How can you use Rapid Recovery Creams to speed up your healing

But our Rapid Recovery Creams are not just highly effective Arnica cream. It also has a very fast acting natural pain relief ingredient called MSM & other repairing ingredients.

MSM mineral has a very high level of Sulphur. This important natural pain relief mineral physically blocks pain messages, reduces inflammation, reduces cellular toxins and supports joint health.

The repairing ingredients include Comfrey leaf (in the Sport Repair Cream), essential oils and colloidal minerals. These provide important trace mineral support your natural healing process and speed the repair of injury.

Here is a comparison table. It shows the amount of active ingredients in many common New Zealand Arnica creams and muscle rub products:

Comparison table Shows significantly high levels of Arnica and other active ingredients in Rapid Recovery - with 96 mg/g of actives compared to just 2.46mg/g in competitors like Anti-flamme (which also uses inferior Arnica oil)
Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream has the highest level of the key Arnica tincture with active natural pain relief mineral and healing ingredients. And nothing nasty.

Replaces many products in your medicine cabinet…

Rapid Recovery is many solutions in one product. It is a:

  • 100% natural all in one injury care and pain relief cream
  • targeted natural pain relief that starts being felt in around 4 minutes (4x faster than taking a pill)
  • topical anti-inflammatory that supports your body’s natural healing processes to reduce swelling, bumps and bruising rapidly
  • supports your injury repair process for faster repair of mild and moderate sprains, strains, bumps, swelling and bruising
  • works as a natural muscle relaxant to soothe tight tense muscles and release knots
  • helps improve joint health and easy comfortable movement
  • ideal for soothing massage -whether for relaxation (Family Care Cream) or sport (Sport Repair Cream)
  • a warm-up cream before sports to increase blood flow to hard working muscles. Improves ligament pliability for full range of motion movement
  • after sport recovery rub that supports removal of metabolic waste and improve healing. This is a far better solution to speed your muscle and joint recovery than ice baths which have been discredited. Multiple research studies on use of Ice for sport injury or recovery show ice just freezes cells and numbs nerves in a temporary manner.
  • speeds return to sport after hard or long training sessions -significantly reduces DOMS and makes your after sport foam rolling recovery routine way faster and more comfortable.
  • Many other uses. You can use on unbroken skin to quickly soothe many minor topical inflammations like itchy bites, bee stings, sunburn, swollen glands such as externally on the neck or under arm areas.
  • Can be soothing and supportive used on the outer throat skin area when you have a sore or swollen throat.
  • Ideal for swelling and bruising on sensitive areas like black eyes, groin strains or rubbed on the jawline to reduce swelling & bruising with tooth extractions.

Topical application means you bypass the stomach and liver systems. So targeted relief and faster results – no delays and you get relief from your pain right where you need it. And to make this even better we have perfected a natural, great to use transdermal penetration enhancing cream base that supports deep absorption targeted to the area of injury for faster better safer results.

Rapid Recover is fast working and long lasting. Relief begins in around 4 minutes – 5 to 7 times faster than oral pills – and lasts about 4 hours. Plus get a complete remedy: rapid natural pain relief, inflammation support and healing. Ideal for all moderate muscle and joint injuries, including sprains, strains & bruises.

Two varieties for different groups of users:

Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream is ideal for whole family use. Gives natural pain relief for back and hip pain in pregnancy. Helps treat the bumps, bruises & growing pain of children. Gives fast effective relief for crush injuries like stubbed toes & jammed fingers or for fast reduction in swelling for tired puffy eyes or healing of bruising for black eyes. Supports stiff, swollen, aching joints of seniors. Helps soothe many types of topical inflammation from myalgia or muscle tension, insect bites and stings to sinus congestion, swollen glands, swollen legs and feet after travel, Provides soothing therapeutic massage or palliative care for chronic pain conditions. Very helpful addition to the family first aid box.

You might be wondering is Arnica cream safe during pregnancy? Our Family Care Cream was originally created by our founder to help and soothe her own sciatica and hip pain during pregnancy. She used it following a serious fall during her first pregnancy, and it provided significant pain relief and sped up the natural healing process (along with some acupuncture). It was great for helping get back to sleep during the night when she was woken by hip pain, or on sore weak muscles after bending, lifting or carrying young children. She continued to use it during her next two pregnancies when the old injury and sciatica pain would flair up with the extra pregnancy body weight, and because of the natural softening of ligaments during pregnancy. And then when she strained her shoulder and neck from carrying and nursing her young babies, it proved to be a really helpful pain relief option and an effective muscle tension reliever, along with gentle massage to speed up healing. And it was ideal to use on the common bruises and bumps her busy young children experienced from time to time as they learnt to walk, run and climb and enjoy sports.

It has been used now by thousands of customers and physical therapists, including specialist fertility massage therapists that specialise in deep abdominal massage to support fertility and relieve serious period pain and endometriosis adhesions. It has proven to provide a highly active 100% natural herbal remedy to help reduce the common pregnancy aches and strains of lower back and hip pain, to reduce muscle tension and to soothe and relax – naturally. All the ingredients have hundreds or thousands of years of effective human use and we comply with the EU German E commission quality standards. It is 100% natural and is made to the highest cGMP safety standards. And it really helps soothe, support and repair tired, injured or strained muscles and joints – naturally.

Used on the skin, the only known side effects are minor – a slight rash for a very, very small group of people who have daisy or rag wort plant allergies – which is quickly reversable by washing in warm water. Our comparison research shows it is significantly safer than anything else we know about in the New Zealand market. However as with all things, use common sense and contact your health care provider or mid wife if you have any unusual or concerning symptoms.

For sports people Rapid Recovery Sport Repair Cream provides fast natural pain relief. from aching, tired muscles. It supports rapid healing of muscle, joint and ligament injury- including sprains, strains swelling & bruising. Its also ideal for improving warm up before training, for reducing DOMS pain and speeding recovery after endurance events like marathons. It is also ideal for use after heavy gardening or lifting work and as a part of a system to reduce or prevent muscle and joint overuse or repetitive strain injury in the workplace.

The world is changing … Pharma drugs often have serious adverse side effects – and they delay your healing….

Pharma marketing is powerful and wide spread. Until recently we all believed that pharmaceutical drugs were safe and beneficial – they must be safe because your doctor and pharmacist recommended them…, and that herbal medicine was outdated.

Significant research on many protocols – from pharmaceuticals, heat rubs, using ice & R.I.C.E. protocol now show this is belief is untrue.

Using Ice and NSAID’s on muscle and joint injury have a double whammy effect – both are detrimental to your healing and your health.

Firstly, using them will delay your healing -which means although you are masking the pain messages, you wont start repairing and returning to full movement until you stop using them.

The second issue is much worse. It has been widely known and communicated to the medical profession, since at least 2015 when the US FDA required a serious black box warning for all NSAID drugs, (excluding asprin), that commonly used and prescribed pharmaceutical drugs can cause significant harm to many body systems including your GI tract, kidney and liver, and your cardiovascular system, even leading to heart attack, cardiovascular disease, stroke and death. This is true for all NSAID drugs to varying degrees – the risk are especially high for diclofenac (which is commonly marketed as Voltaren) in Australasia.

These risks exist for topical/skin use (NSAID gels or creams) as well as for NSAID pills (oral use), and even in low dosage, infrequent or short-term use or without prior health issues.

Unfortunately multiple research studies shows that topical NSAID gels or creams are just a bit less risky. One study showed they were around 17% less risk for nearly all the complications including GI tract and CVD – but still much much higher risk of serious harmful adverse events for those that use them, compared to non-users.

Herbal medicine works differently – it works with your body systems to help you heal – naturally.

Now medical herbalists and researchers are able to validate historical uses by understanding the biochemistry of how the herbal phytochemicals work. We know why they are so beneficial to help the human body heal. Basically, herbal medicine, made right and used right, works with your body systems for fast results and natural healing.

Rapid Recovery ….. Helps you heal – naturally

At Natures Nurse we are committed to creating the most effective products.

We hope we have explained why our products are so superior to use and all the quality standards that we apply with every product we make. We always seek to be the best on the market in our key criteria of fast, effective, safe and natural and most importantly to use potent, proven herbal medicine to help you (and your family) heal – naturally.

Rapid Recovery creams - with Arnica montana, MSM Comfrey leaf, & colloidal minerals for fast acting natural pain relief and inflammation support for sprains, strains and bruising of muscles joints and connective tissue
Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream and Sports Repair Cream

Get your Rapid Recovery now. Buy on line at We have fast free NZ wide urban delivery. Or available through quality health retailers, pharmacies and physical therapists. Highly effective. 100% natural, quality guaranteed. And really fast working and helps you heal – naturally!

R.I.C.E. is NOT nice….. Ice treatment protocol for Sports Injury discredited by leading Sports Doctor.

R.I.C.E. theory has been overturned – Ice and Compression shown to cause delay in sport injury healing times

Gabe Mirkin, the US sports physician who coined the term “RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation” has recently done a complete about-turn on the commonly used R.I.C.E. theory.  After reviewing 22 scientific studies, including an influential study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine (June 2013) Gabe concurs that using 3 of the 4 elements of RICE – (Ice, Compression and complete Rest) may delay healing instead of improving outcomes.  Gabe’s full article is here.

The review of medical studies show that

  • Ice stalls the healing process by reducing blood flow & stopping the release of hormones required for healing from entering the cells.
  • Ice interferes with an athlete’s strength, speed, endurance and coordination. While cooling can temporarily block pain messages, over 35 medical studies showed that cooling an area for more than 20 minutes decreased athletes’ strength, speed, power and agility.  Warming of the area (and increasing blood flow) lead to an improvement in all these areas.
  • Other pharmaceutical drugs or strapping/compression delay healing as they also supress immune response & blood flow– including Cortisone drugs & Non-Steroidal Drugs (NSAID’s) such as Ibuprofen and Diclofenac. (Commonly called Nurofen & Voltaren). NSAID drugs also have other significant detrimental health affects including recent (2015) serious health warnings from the FDA about NSAID use causing heart attacks and strokes leading to death.

For over 30 years this was the gold standard of athletic injury treatment. Now athletes and coaches need to rethink how to reduce and treat sports injury.

So what are the options?  We believe the best answers come from nature, to nurse your self better.

Nature’s Nurse founder Kim Davies-Haycock has  spent years studying the best combination of natural active ingredients to give relief and repair.

The company proudly sells Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub – a fast acting, 100% natural anti-inflammatory, pain relief and healing rub.

Rapid Recovery Rub is a highly effective rub with a trio of active ingredients: Arnica in tincture form combined with additional pain relieving of natural mineral MSM and repairing Comfrey leaf. It is designed to treat pain, inflammation and injury as well as being effective for use in warm up and recovery.

Heres how it works:

Arnica – the well regarded anti-inflammatory herb – provides a natural alternative to reducing swelling & bruising, as well as increasing the body’s healing immune responses.  Arnica, especially in the herbal tincture form, applied directly on to the skin, has been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation (reducing bruising) and analgesic effects in a dose-dependent manner.  (Read Ingredient Research by Sigma-Aldrich documenting Arnica plant chemicals & their benefits).

In case you think pharmaceutical chemicals are better than natural plant chemicals, heres some info to make you think again.  Many of the pharmaceutical NSAID drugs (Voltaren/ibuprofen, etc) have been shown to slow rate of healing as well as having many other harmful effects (increased risk of heart attack, kidney & liver damage, etc).  Natural options such as herbal extracts are the best options because rather than working against the body’s healing processes they support them to work more effectively.  For example Arnica works in these main ways:

  • By stopping the inflammatory cascade (mainly by inhibiting NF-Kappa B pathway),
  • Blocking histamine response that causes capillaries and veins to rupture,
  • Increasing blood flow of healing nutrients and hormones to the area,
  • Speeding and supporting repair of broken blood vessels.
  • Reduces swelling by increasing the movement of lymphatic fluid
  • Has analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

All these actions explain why Arnica works so quickly to reduce swelling and bruising.  As well as its natural anti-inflammatory benefits, Arnica is a known immune-stimulant improving the speed of healing.

The main plant chemical in Arnica montana is the unique plant chemical Helenalin. This strong natural anti-inflammatory is best extracted in a hydro-alcoholic tincture from the Arnica flowers.  Homeopathic forms are very unlikely to work at a chemical level, and Arnica Oil extractions have about half the level of the beneficial Helenalin chemical. Arnica is very safe to use topically but not recommended to be used orally or on open wounds – so it is ideal for using in a topical rub form.

MSM is natural water soluble mineral (found in leafy green plants and also in human cells). MSM is very high in bio-available sulphur, which is used as a natural pain blocker by the human body.  MSM has the added benefits of helping drag the active herbal tinctures into the skin to target areas of pain and inflammation fast, and of supporting joint health.

Comfrey leaf (Symphytum officinale) – long used as poultice treatment for swelling and bruises, it also has significant benefits for ligament and tendon repair and for reducing scar tissue from injury.

Colloidal mineral -providing the body the mineral building blocks required for repair, right when they are needed.

Peppermint Essential oil- cooling and energising natural extract with a clean fresh aroma.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sport Rub is

  • a multifunctional rub as well as reducing pain and swelling it is also great for use before sports and training to minimise damage by warming up muscles and joints.
  • Fast Relief  – felt in around 5 minutes,
  • Targeted -You simply rub this onto your aching muscle or joint right where it is needed. No delay via absorption through the digestive tract.
  • Great to use -fast absorbing, non greasy, pleasant smelling and hypoallergenic cream – no more locker room odour, stained clothes or burning skin
  • Safe – There are no health concerns or side effects (except very low level possibility of low level rash).  If you are a pro-athlete you can rest easy – there are no chemical, pharmaceutical or questionable ingredients. Written assessment from Drug Free Sports NZ confirmed Rapid Recovery Rub products as safe to use by sports people and ranked at the lowest level of concern.
  • 100% natural formulation –  ingredients sustainably sourced & manufactured in highest quality TGA & GMP approved facilities.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub from Nature’s Nurse has been developed with the perfect combination of ingredients:

  • Arnica montana tincture at high therapeutic dosages (over 10x more Arnica than rubs such as Anti-flamme) to reduce swelling & bruising and to speed immune repair
  • MSM mineral (Methylsufonyl Methane) – a plant derived mineral with a high level of sulfur which gives rapid natural pain relief – starting in 4 minutes and lasting upto 4 hours
  • Comfrey leaf – anti-inflammatory & clinically proven to support repair of tendons and ligaments
  • Colloidal minerals – providing the building blocks for muscle and tissue repair
  • Cooling Peppermint Essential oil to help soothe and cool

Heres why Rapid Recovery Rub is ideal for Sport (and everyday) injury:

  • will rapidly reduce swelling and bruising from injury
  • significantly reduces pain (safely and naturally)
  • quickly puts you back on the road to recovery
  • lets you treat your own injury and strains whenever you need it – reducing the time consuming and expensive appointments
  • great to use after sports in the warm down phase
  • improves your warmup.  By increasing blood flow to muscles and pliability of ligaments you will get full muscular strength and joint range of motion more quickly
  • reduces post exercise pain & DOMS  by speeding healing of micro tears within muscles and ligaments and swelling inside muscle fibre bundles

Tested and Approved by the Toughest Athletes.

We have tested Rapid Recovery Rub for many years on the toughest of endurance athletes – thousands of marathoners, cross fitters and triathletes.

Our simple test is this – rub on one aching leg after the event (such as a 42 km run), and not the other. Wait 5 minutes and then compare how each leg feels.  Even the most skeptical hard bitten marathoner/eventer/cross fitter is quickly convinced.

And that’s not all. Consistent feedback from these athletes shows they don’t succumb to training or overuse injuries before their big event, they have a much better run and often improve their race times and they don’t get the DOMS effect the following day.

Here’s just a few of the testimonials from pro-athletes who really know how to push their bodies, and the expert therapists, who treat them afterwards.

Rapid Recovery = Great Results  “In my triathlon training I cover hundreds of kilometres a week. At times I really push it to the limit. After all that exertion my body needs to recover.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great for putting life back into my tired muscles and joints.  I use it as both a pre-training rub to stimulate blood flow and get me ready, and as a recovery aid once I’m finished.

3 things are important to me as an athlete; effective training, rapid recovery, and knowing that Rapid Recovery Rub is 100% natural.  It’s great for my performance and my health, and I recommend it to you too”.

Sam Warriner.
World #1 ITU World Cup Triathlon Holder 2008
, Silver medal winner 2006 Commonwealth Games.


I love the RAPID RECOVERY HERBAL SPORTS RUB, especially after my longs run, when my muscles are aching. I put a good solid layer on my hands and massage slowly into my legs and wow what a difference. The ache in my muscles completely disappears.  The cream smells and feels great.  Try it and I am sure you will like it.”

Joanna Lawn
NZ Ironman Legend.
Winner 2002- 2008, 2010


 I treat many of New Zealand’s top athletes, including triathletes & elite Rugby Players at the NZ Rugby Academy, as well as everyday clients suffering from chronic and work place injury.  I use Rapid Recovery every day in my massage therapy clinic.  My athletes and other clients find it stops pain in muscles and joints quicker than taking pain killers.  They find it very helpful for warming up muscles and joints prior to exercise or work, especially in colder weather. It works very well to help my clients stay injury free.   It is very beneficial for repetitive strain and work place injuries. 

Carolyn Margan,  Persona Performance, Tauranga, New Zealand

Rapid Recovery Sports Rub is available on line here or through stockists through New Zealand

Congratulation Sam has won her first Ironman!

In 2015, at 40 years of age, 2 time Olympian Sam Warriner, who has won 13 ITU World Cups in her career, continued to step up. 

Sam has said she found Rapid Recovery to be an effective training aid and a great pain reliever while she is putting in serious hours on the road, bike and water training for Ironman.  She loves how fast it works to give her real pain relief and that it’s 100% natural.  She finds she can use it for warm up before her training and as a fast recovery aid after wards.  And she knows it’s better for her body than the pharmaceutical NSAID’s rubs or pills, and other low dose warming rubs.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub Endorsed by Sam Warriner:

“Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great to use for putting life back into my tired muscles and joints.

I use it as both a pre-training rub and as a recovery aid.  

3 things are important to me: effective training, rapid recovery and knowing what I use is 100% natural.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great for my performance and my health, and I recommend it to you too”.

Take a tip from a world champion and use Rapid Recovery Rub as part of your training and competition regime too.