Want fast safe natural pain relief? Wonder if Arnica creams or herbal cures actually work? Here’s what you need to know.

Do Arnica Cream or Herbal Creams actually work?

Are you skeptical that Arnica cream and other herbal creams actually work ? How do they help with healing sprains, strains, muscle and joint injury or bruising?

Are you trying to find natural pain relief options that are safe for you and all your family? Or an effective fast acting anti inflammatory cream for sports injuries?

Are you wondering about the health risks of using NSAID drugs like ibuprofen or diclofenac (such as Voltaren or Nurofen?)

Here’s why Rapid Recovery Cream is the perfect safe effective and natural pain relief anti-inflammatory bruise cream and healing remedy.

Rapid Recovery -natural pain relief creams that help you heal.

Do Arnica Creams actually work?

The quick answer is absolutely yes....It’s possible to get fast, safe & natural pain relief and fast anti inflammatory relief. But you must choose herbal creams with the right active ingredients, and the right quantity of active ingredients.

Read the label. You want to choose those with Arnica flower tincture (NOT the cheaper Arnica oil). Only Arnica montana flower tincture has the active phytochemical called Helenalin. This is the natural anti-inflammatory which stops bruising & swelling and helps speed up your healing process. Other Arnica extracts which are from Arnica stem or roots wont work. Nor will those extracted in oil as the vital phytochemical helenalin is not oil soluble.

Better yet choose a product like Rapid Recovery. Made with Arnica montana flower tincture & other ingredients supporting all aspects of injury healing & repair

Here’s what you need to know about Arnica…

Arnica comes from the highly regarded Arnica montana plant which is a member of the daisy family. The best quality Arnica is grown at high altitude on stony soil in remote European mountains.

Arnica montana flower. Only the tincture form has Helenalin – the key active botanical

First we scientifically test Arnica flower for purity (to be certain it’s the right plant). Then the extraction process begins which can be via oil or in a hydro-alcoholic blend (called a tincture). The key phytochemical, Helenalin, is a polar molecule. So to get effective Arnica cream you must choose an Arnica flower tincture product. Arnica oil and Arnica root or leaf doesn’t contain Helenalin and is much weaker.

Nature’s Nurse founder is a medical herbalist. Researching and understanding how herbal ingredients work is her absolute passion. We are committed to premium quality. We use the bes botanical ingredients that treats every pain aspect & help you heal – naturally.

Our Arnica montana flower tincture extract is premium quality.

It is wild crafted in remote, pristine European mountains. It is extracted in the tincture form. And scientific testing proves the purity, quality and efficacy before and after manufacturing. As with all our ingredients its the very best quality available.

Arnica montana grows best on rocky mountain soil, in remote European alps.

We also we make sure every aspect of your injury repair is covered.

Rapid Recovery creams gives fast natural pain relief with Sulphur from the MSM mineral and improved healing from Comfrey leaf, along with therapeutic essential oils and colloidal minerals.

This means faster healing and injury repair. This means you have a complete solution to nurse yourself and your family better – naturally.

But back to Arnica…..Recently we have been digging deep into the biochemistry of this awesome ingredient. We wanted to let you know about how effective it is for injury healing and speeding repair.

First a little back ground info.

How our body deals with trauma …

When we suffer from a traumatic injury – a sprain, strain, tear or bruise- or even a viral attack, it’s what is happening in our cells that matters. The cells react to the traumatic injury or virus attack by sending out damage signals (such as cytokines). These bind with receptors on the cellular wall and enter the cell. Then they travel through the NF-kB pathway down to the cells nucleus. There, they alter the DNA to send an inflammatory mRNA message out of the cell. This triggers the immune system, to start the natural repair process.

Those inflammatory messages are the signals we all know – redness, heat, swelling and pain. These are our body’s way of letting us know we have an injury and alerting the immune system to start the repair process.

Once it receives the inflammatory signals, the immune system “sends in the army” to repair the damage. The repair process occurs in 3 basic stages:

  1. Inflammatory – where the injury message is sent to the immune system
  2. Proliferation – where the immune system “army” & the healing material is rushed to the injured area. Then dead cellular waste is carried away
  3. Repair & remodelling – where the repair process starts with scaffolds of fibrin scar tissue material. Then rebuilding of the damaged cells/ tissue.

Ice, NSAID’s and anything that stops this process delays your healing.

That is why using ICE on a musculoskeletal injury has been discredited. Ice numbs the skin and nerves by freezing them, but it also stops the immune system response. Ice use was developed in the 1970’s as part of the R.I.C.E. protocol by Dr Gabe Mirkin. This renowned US Sports physician used it because it was cheap, easily available and felt good on a hot injury. However over recent years significant research has shown ICE delays healing with risk of cell death from frost bite. Dr Mirkin himself has now discredited the use of R.I.C.E. & ice for injury care.

In a similar way using NSAID drugs stops the inflammatory messengers so they delay your healing. NSAIDs are the commonly available Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs which include pills and gels. The common drug names and brands are:

  • ibuprofen (Nurofen®)
  • diclofenac (Voltaren®)
  • naproxen (Noflam®, Naprosyn®)
  • ketoprofen (Oruvail®)
  • celecoxib (Celebrex®)
NSAID Drugs look pretty but delay your healing and have many dangerous side effects

Why NSAID’s cause you harm….

They look pretty but, unfortunately, NSAID’s can cause you serious health risks. NSAIDs work by regulating your prostaglandin hormones. These hormones are supposed to be balanced, abit like a see-saw.

Simply put, anything that down-regulates one side, up-regulates (or increases) the other side. Prostaglandins are like a see saw. On one side they control the body’s inflammation messages.. Bu on the other side they also control your cardiovascular system & kidneys, along with induction of labour in pregnancy and bleeding in your stomach. Like a see-saw when one side goes down -the other side goes up and this can cause serious harm.

NSAID drugs most often work by down-regulating prostaglandin to stop pain and inflammation messages, which delays your immune healing response. Extensive medical research now recognises NSAID drugs -both pill and gel- increases risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney damage & GI bleeding. All of these can lead to death. NSAID’s also increase health risks in pregnancy.

NSAID drug risks are not very well known. Many of us “pop a pain pill” to treat any pain condition. A better option is to work on the source of the pain and to support our body’s natural healing process.

Want Research and Proof?

NSAID drugs just treat the symptoms not the underlying injury, with dangerous risks to your health. In 2005 and 2015 posts by the FDA warns about the increased risk of death from NSAID’s as being from a 10% to as high as 50% increase, (depending on the drug taken and the dosage). NSAID risk increases even at low dose and infrequently, or without prior cardiovascular, GI bleeding & kidney risk.

So NSAIDs mask the problem, delay your healing process and can increase your risk of serious harm.

But also concerning is that NSAID’s stop your immune system from working properly-especially if you take the oral pills. In this time of global pandemics, we want to keep our immune system working as well as possible, so we can fight all types of viral and bacterial invaders and deal with injury responses, naturally.

What about other types of creams and gels?

Other products like heat creams or liniments which use capsaicin, methyl salicylate or very high levels of camphor and eucalyptus. These are a group of rubs or gels called “counter-irritants“. This basically means they take your mind off the deep pain by causing surface pain and irritation on your skin. So, you get two layers of pain – on the skin, and at the injury site.

Heat rubs or counter-irritants can be beneficial for increasing blood flow. This warms up the area and over time supports healing, but these type of creams don’t have active healing properties. They are usually very smelly, greasy to use and stain your clothing. They can be hard to wash off your hands. So beware. If you get heat rubs on sensitive body parts (face, groin, lips, eyes) you’ll have hours of unintended pain.

Be careful of heat rubs on sensitive areas -the pain can last for hours
OUCH….Heat rubs on sensitive areas can cause hours of pain….

Homeopathic creams are natural and do start with full strength herbal extracts – including Arnica tincture. However, homeopathic formulas get very diluted (up to 10x-12- a billion times). When taken orally homeopathy does seem to have benefit. The extreme dilution makes it very unlikely to be beneficial if used on the skin.

Now there is a better alternative. Rapid Recovery Cream is an amazing natural pain relief option,

Here is how Arnica works to stop inflammation in our body.

These are natural pain relief options that work with your body to support your healing process. Look for herbal creams containing Helenalin from Arnica tincture blended with other herbal actives. This means you will fully support the body’s natural healing and repair process.

Cellular research shows Arnica’s Helenalin phytochemical works inside human cells, right at the beginning of the NF-kB pathway.

1) stops the NFkB pathway being triggered (which often causes the cell to die) and

2) sends an instant message to the immune system that injury or damage has occurred and

3) works hard to keep the cells healthy by regulating cellular fluid levels, removing cellular waste products and improving flow of healing plasma & nutrients. A

4) Helenalin is the first chemical that has been shown to turn off inflammation where it has already started (like in arthritis or chronic pain.

How Helenalin from Arnica tincture works inside a cell speeding your recovery

This is complex cellular biochemistry.

The end result for you is that if you use Rapid Recovery Creams you get fast acting natural pain relief plus better healing.

And if you use as soon as an injury occurs (and for 3 or 4 more times to get the active ingredients into your body), bumps and bruises will resolve rapidly.

Again…where’s the proof ?

Photographic proof:

This is my daughter Sophie at her 8th birthday party – where an accident happened causing a huge, instant bump on her forehead.

Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream was gently applied to the bump, then repeated 3 times. The injury was almost completely resolved in just one hour. The first 2 photos shows how upset Sophie is, with a bump that stuck out further than her nose. The following three photos -taken 20 minutes apart – show how quickly the bump resolved.

After one hour (4 treatments) the bump is flat. You can only see the slight colour of a minor bruise.

This isn’t an isolated example. The same results of very quick reduction of bruising and swelling have been seen again and again. Especially if applied as soon as possible after an injury and used at least 4 times. This gets the full dosage of herbal ingredients to the injury site.

And people with chronic swelling and joint stiffness like osteoarthritis, or muscle pain / myalgia report they get great temporary natural pain relief and overall improvement in their easy comfortable movement. They tell us they can knit or garden again, or move more easily, while reducing their arthritis medication.

Field testing proof

To prove effectiveness of the Sports Repair Cream we have field tested on thousands of athletes after finishing endurance events like marathons, full triathlons or CrossFit competitions. The endurance athletes – whether they are elite athletes or weekend warriors – love the fast results. They find it very effective for natural relief on their hot tired and painful muscles. Best yet, it can be used for warming up muscles and joints, or before a race to treat a niggly pain. And it is very safe without known side effects. After over 15,000 field tests and 15 years of in market use – we have not had one report of health risk or harm from using this Rapid Recovery product.

Rotorua Marathon stand – field testing on thousands of marathon runners

How can you use Rapid Recovery Creams to speed up your healing

But our Rapid Recovery Creams are not just highly effective Arnica cream. It also has a very fast acting natural pain relief ingredient called MSM & other repairing ingredients.

MSM mineral has a very high level of Sulphur. This important natural pain relief mineral physically blocks pain messages, reduces inflammation, reduces cellular toxins and supports joint health.

The repairing ingredients include Comfrey leaf (in the Sport Repair Cream), essential oils and colloidal minerals. These provide important trace mineral, support your natural healing process and speed the repair of injury.

Here is a comparison table. It shows the amount of active ingredients in many common New Zealand Arnica creams and muscle rub products:

Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream has the highest level of the key Arnica tincture with active natural pain relief mineral and healing ingredients. And nothing nasty.

Replaces many products in your medicine cabinet…

Rapid Recovery is many solutions in one product. It is a:

  • natural pain relief cream that gives pain relief in around 4 minutes (4x faster than taking a pill)
  • topical anti-inflammatory that supports your body processes to reduce swelling, bumps and bruising fast
  • supports your injury repair process for mild and moderate sprains, strains and bruising
  • works as a natural muscle relaxant to soothe tight tense muscles and release knots
  • helps improve joint health and easy comfortable movement
  • ideal for soothing massage -whether for relaxation (Family Care Cream) or sport (Sport Repair Cream)
  • a warm-up cream before sports to increase blood flow to hard working muscles. Improves ligament pliability for full range of motion movement
  • After sport recovery rub that supports removal of metabolic waste and improve healing. This is a far better solution to speed your muscle and joint recovery than ice baths. Also makes your foam rolling recovery routine way faster and more comfortable.
  • Many other uses. You can use on unbroken skin to quickly soothe many minor topical inflammations like itchy bites, bee stings, sunburn, swollen glands. Ideal for black eyes, or on the jawline for tooth extractions.

Topical application means you by pass the stomach and liver systems. So no delays and you get relief from your pain right where you need it.

Rapid Recover is fast working and long lasting. Relief begins in around 4 minutes – 4 x faster than oral pills – and lasts about 4 hours. Plus get a complete remedy : rapid natural pain relief, inflammation support and healing. Ideal for all moderate muscle and joint injuries, including sprains, strains & bruises.

Two varieties for different users:

Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream is ideal for whole family use. Gives natural pain relief for back and hip pain in pregnancy. Helps treat the bumps, bruises & growing pain of children. Supports stiff, swollen, aching joints of seniors.

For sports people Rapid Recovery Sport Repair Cream provides fast natural pain relief. from aching, tired muscles. It supports rapid healing of muscle, joint and ligament injury- including sprains, strains swelling & bruising. Its also ideal for improving warm up before training, for reducing DOMS pain and speeding recovery after endurance events like marathons.

The world is changing … Pharma drugs often have serious side effects

We used to believe that pharmaceutical drugs were safe and beneficial, and that herbal medicine was outdated. Significant research on many protocols – from pharmaceuticals, heat rubs, using ice & R.I.C.E. protocol show this is untrue. Ice and NSAID’s delay your healing and the pharmaceutical drugs can cause significant harm, even death.

Now medical herbalists and researchers are able to understand how the herbal phytochemcials work. We know why they are so beneficial to help the human body heal. Basically, herbal medicine, made right and used right, works with your body systems for fast results and natural healing.

Rapid Recovery ….. Helps you heal – naturally

At Natures Nurse we are committed to creating the most effective products that help you heal – naturally.

Rapid Recovery Family Care Cream and Sports Repair Cream

Get your Rapid Recovery now. Buy on line at www.naturesnurse.co.nz We have fast free NZ wide urban delivery. Or available through quality health retailers, pharmacies and physical therapists. Highly effective. 100% natural, quality guaranteed. And really fast working and helps you heal – naturally!