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Congratulation Sam has won her first Ironman!

In 2015, at 40 years of age, 2 time Olympian Sam Warriner, who has won 13 ITU World Cups in her career, continued to step up. 

Sam has said she found Rapid Recovery to be an effective training aid and a great pain reliever while she is putting in serious hours on the road, bike and water training for Ironman.  She loves how fast it works to give her real pain relief and that it’s 100% natural.  She finds she can use it for warm up before her training and as a fast recovery aid after wards.  And she knows it’s better for her body than the pharmaceutical NSAID’s rubs or pills, and other low dose warming rubs.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub Endorsed by Sam Warriner:

“Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great to use for putting life back into my tired muscles and joints.

I use it as both a pre-training rub and as a recovery aid.  

3 things are important to me: effective training, rapid recovery and knowing what I use is 100% natural.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great for my performance and my health, and I recommend it to you too”.

Take a tip from a world champion and use Rapid Recovery Rub as part of your training and competition regime too.