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R.I.C.E. is NOT nice….. Ice treatment protocol for Sports Injury discredited by leading Sports Doctor.

R.I.C.E. theory has been overturned – Ice and Compression shown to cause delay in sport injury healing times

Gabe Mirkin, the US sports physician who coined the term “RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation” has recently done a complete about-turn on the commonly used R.I.C.E. theory.  After reviewing 22 scientific studies, including an influential study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine (June 2013) Gabe concurs that using 3 of the 4 elements of RICE – (Ice, Compression and complete Rest) may delay healing instead of improving outcomes.  Gabe’s full article is here.

The review of medical studies show that

  • Ice stalls the healing process by reducing blood flow & stopping the release of hormones required for healing from entering the cells.
  • Ice interferes with an athlete’s strength, speed, endurance and coordination. While cooling can temporarily block pain messages, over 35 medical studies showed that cooling an area for more than 20 minutes decreased athletes’ strength, speed, power and agility.  Warming of the area (and increasing blood flow) lead to an improvement in all these areas.
  • Other pharmaceutical drugs or strapping/compression delay healing as they also supress immune response & blood flow– including Cortisone drugs & Non-Steroidal Drugs (NSAID’s) such as Ibuprofen and Diclofenac. (Commonly called Nurofen & Voltaren). NSAID drugs also have other significant detrimental health affects including recent (2015) serious health warnings from the FDA about NSAID use causing heart attacks and strokes leading to death.

For over 30 years this was the gold standard of athletic injury treatment. Now athletes and coaches need to rethink how to reduce and treat sports injury.

So what are the options?  We believe the best answers come from nature, to nurse your self better.

Nature’s Nurse founder Kim Davies-Haycock has  spent years studying the best combination of natural active ingredients to give relief and repair.

The company proudly sells Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub – a fast acting, 100% natural anti-inflammatory, pain relief and healing rub.

Rapid Recovery Rub is a highly effective rub with a trio of active ingredients: Arnica in tincture form combined with additional pain relieving of natural mineral MSM and repairing Comfrey leaf. It is designed to treat pain, inflammation and injury as well as being effective for use in warm up and recovery.

Heres how it works:

Arnica – the well regarded anti-inflammatory herb – provides a natural alternative to reducing swelling & bruising, as well as increasing the body’s healing immune responses.  Arnica, especially in the herbal tincture form, applied directly on to the skin, has been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation (reducing bruising) and analgesic effects in a dose-dependent manner.  (Read Ingredient Research by Sigma-Aldrich documenting Arnica plant chemicals & their benefits).

In case you think pharmaceutical chemicals are better than natural plant chemicals, heres some info to make you think again.  Many of the pharmaceutical NSAID drugs (Voltaren/ibuprofen, etc) have been shown to slow rate of healing as well as having many other harmful effects (increased risk of heart attack, kidney & liver damage, etc).  Natural options such as herbal extracts are the best options because rather than working against the body’s healing processes they support them to work more effectively.  For example Arnica works in these main ways:

  • By stopping the inflammatory cascade (mainly by inhibiting NF-Kappa B pathway),
  • Blocking histamine response that causes capillaries and veins to rupture,
  • Increasing blood flow of healing nutrients and hormones to the area,
  • Speeding and supporting repair of broken blood vessels.
  • Reduces swelling by increasing the movement of lymphatic fluid
  • Has analgesic (pain relieving) properties.

All these actions explain why Arnica works so quickly to reduce swelling and bruising.  As well as its natural anti-inflammatory benefits, Arnica is a known immune-stimulant improving the speed of healing.

The main plant chemical in Arnica montana is the unique plant chemical Helenalin. This strong natural anti-inflammatory is best extracted in a hydro-alcoholic tincture from the Arnica flowers.  Homeopathic forms are very unlikely to work at a chemical level, and Arnica Oil extractions have about half the level of the beneficial Helenalin chemical. Arnica is very safe to use topically but not recommended to be used orally or on open wounds – so it is ideal for using in a topical rub form.

MSM is natural water soluble mineral (found in leafy green plants and also in human cells). MSM is very high in bio-available sulphur, which is used as a natural pain blocker by the human body.  MSM has the added benefits of helping drag the active herbal tinctures into the skin to target areas of pain and inflammation fast, and of supporting joint health.

Comfrey leaf (Symphytum officinale) – long used as poultice treatment for swelling and bruises, it also has significant benefits for ligament and tendon repair and for reducing scar tissue from injury.

Colloidal mineral -providing the body the mineral building blocks required for repair, right when they are needed.

Peppermint Essential oil- cooling and energising natural extract with a clean fresh aroma.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sport Rub is

  • a multifunctional rub as well as reducing pain and swelling it is also great for use before sports and training to minimise damage by warming up muscles and joints.
  • Fast Relief  – felt in around 5 minutes,
  • Targeted -You simply rub this onto your aching muscle or joint right where it is needed. No delay via absorption through the digestive tract.
  • Great to use -fast absorbing, non greasy, pleasant smelling and hypoallergenic cream – no more locker room odour, stained clothes or burning skin
  • Safe – There are no health concerns or side effects (except very low level possibility of low level rash).  If you are a pro-athlete you can rest easy – there are no chemical, pharmaceutical or questionable ingredients. Written assessment from Drug Free Sports NZ confirmed Rapid Recovery Rub products as safe to use by sports people and ranked at the lowest level of concern.
  • 100% natural formulation –  ingredients sustainably sourced & manufactured in highest quality TGA & GMP approved facilities.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub from Nature’s Nurse has been developed with the perfect combination of ingredients:

  • Arnica montana tincture at high therapeutic dosages (over 10x more Arnica than rubs such as Anti-flamme) to reduce swelling & bruising and to speed immune repair
  • MSM mineral (Methylsufonyl Methane) – a plant derived mineral with a high level of sulfur which gives rapid natural pain relief – starting in 4 minutes and lasting upto 4 hours
  • Comfrey leaf – anti-inflammatory & clinically proven to support repair of tendons and ligaments
  • Colloidal minerals – providing the building blocks for muscle and tissue repair
  • Cooling Peppermint Essential oil to help soothe and cool

Heres why Rapid Recovery Rub is ideal for Sport (and everyday) injury:

  • will rapidly reduce swelling and bruising from injury
  • significantly reduces pain (safely and naturally)
  • quickly puts you back on the road to recovery
  • lets you treat your own injury and strains whenever you need it – reducing the time consuming and expensive appointments
  • great to use after sports in the warm down phase
  • improves your warmup.  By increasing blood flow to muscles and pliability of ligaments you will get full muscular strength and joint range of motion more quickly
  • reduces post exercise pain & DOMS  by speeding healing of micro tears within muscles and ligaments and swelling inside muscle fibre bundles

Tested and Approved by the Toughest Athletes.

We have tested Rapid Recovery Rub for many years on the toughest of endurance athletes – thousands of marathoners, cross fitters and triathletes.

Our simple test is this – rub on one aching leg after the event (such as a 42 km run), and not the other. Wait 5 minutes and then compare how each leg feels.  Even the most skeptical hard bitten marathoner/eventer/cross fitter is quickly convinced.

And that’s not all. Consistent feedback from these athletes shows they don’t succumb to training or overuse injuries before their big event, they have a much better run and often improve their race times and they don’t get the DOMS effect the following day.

Here’s just a few of the testimonials from pro-athletes who really know how to push their bodies, and the expert therapists, who treat them afterwards.

Rapid Recovery = Great Results  “In my triathlon training I cover hundreds of kilometres a week. At times I really push it to the limit. After all that exertion my body needs to recover.

Rapid Recovery Herbal Sports Rub is great for putting life back into my tired muscles and joints.  I use it as both a pre-training rub to stimulate blood flow and get me ready, and as a recovery aid once I’m finished.

3 things are important to me as an athlete; effective training, rapid recovery, and knowing that Rapid Recovery Rub is 100% natural.  It’s great for my performance and my health, and I recommend it to you too”.

Sam Warriner.
World #1 ITU World Cup Triathlon Holder 2008
, Silver medal winner 2006 Commonwealth Games.


I love the RAPID RECOVERY HERBAL SPORTS RUB, especially after my longs run, when my muscles are aching. I put a good solid layer on my hands and massage slowly into my legs and wow what a difference. The ache in my muscles completely disappears.  The cream smells and feels great.  Try it and I am sure you will like it.”

Joanna Lawn
NZ Ironman Legend.
Winner 2002- 2008, 2010


 I treat many of New Zealand’s top athletes, including triathletes & elite Rugby Players at the NZ Rugby Academy, as well as everyday clients suffering from chronic and work place injury.  I use Rapid Recovery every day in my massage therapy clinic.  My athletes and other clients find it stops pain in muscles and joints quicker than taking pain killers.  They find it very helpful for warming up muscles and joints prior to exercise or work, especially in colder weather. It works very well to help my clients stay injury free.   It is very beneficial for repetitive strain and work place injuries. 

Carolyn Margan,  Persona Performance, Tauranga, New Zealand

Rapid Recovery Sports Rub is available on line here or through stockists through New Zealand