Get Rapid Recovery from Hamstring pain and injury with fast acting and easy to use trigger point release techniques.

Ham String injuries can range from a small tear in the muscle to a major rupture ripping the ligament off the hip bone. Rapid Recovery will give you effective pain relief -right where it hurts & help you recover faster and support your rehab from your injury as well as improving your warm up and recovery once you start running again.

Muscle treatment and soft tissue work is vital whether we are an athlete or any everyday person. We all have muscle imbalances, tight muscles and areas of pain. Regular massage and soft tissue treatment can make a big difference in both our life enjoyment, athletic performance and injury prevention.

Your muscles are a bundle

They are made up of many groups of fibres and nerves, which are bundled together by connective tissue called fascia, and joined to bones with tendons.  This whole collection is called soft tissue. Working on these areas is called myofascial release, trigger point therapy or soft tissue therapy.

There are huge benefits to releasing soft tissue tension:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Reducing muscle imbalance and tension so your body can move more easily
  • Improving muscle strength and elasticity
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Increasing healing oxygen, immune cell & nutrient flow to muscles
  • Reducing stress hormone (cortisol & adrenaline) levels
  • Reducing pain at night and improving sleep
  • Improving overall movement and health

Dont ignore the pain messages…

For athletes to train well and keep performing at your best you can’t ignore tight, painful muscles and soft tissue. Soft tissue therapy is as important part of your fitness as working out and good nutrition.

The good news is with a few simple tools and information, you can take care  of this important area yourself and gain all the benefits.

Here’s the overview to Rapid Recovery

Our body is all connected

All the muscle and joints in either your back or front areas are connected in one long chain.  If you have an area of weakness or injury – say your hamstring muscles – you need to treat not just the hamstring muscles but the soft tissue areas above and below it. This means treating up and down the “kinetic chain”- your glutes, lower & mid back and your calf muscles and plantar fascia on the base of your feet.

Where you feel the pain may not be where the injury is:

Trigger points are knotted muscle fibres, which are in spasm, deep within your muscle bundles that can shoot pain messages all along the muscle.

The muscle knot has been in spasm for so long it can’t turn off by itself.  Instead it constantly fires pain messages along the nerve pathways or puts tension on the ligament or tendon.

The good news is that with the right trigger point tools and trigger point maps you know exactly what you can do to release these knots. And all the pain you are feeling should resolve quite quickly.

Releasing these trigger points can be very painful

Which is why high quality anti-inflammatory pain relieving creams such as Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream can have many benefits:

  • Pain relief from natural mineral MSM is felt in about 5 minutes so you can quickly reduce discomfort of trigger point therapy
  • High levels of the anti-inflammatory herb Arnica montana reduces swelling and bruising, increases the blood flow with healing nutrients and stimulates your immune system cells to clear up damaged cells and muscle fibres.
  • Repairing ingredients of Comfrey leaf and colloidal minerals support your body’s healing processes, so you can recover faster
  • Rapid Recovery has just enough “slip” to allow you massage and work into an area to bring blood to the area. It absorbs quickly so the beneficial ingredients get to work fast.
  • The non greasy, pleasant smelling & non-staining cream allows you to treat soft tissue injury easily where ever you need to. You can use under your clothing or at work without mess or hassle of stripping off.
  • Multi-purpose Rapid Recovery can be used for effective trigger point release work, used as a warm up and recovery rub after exercise. Plus great for treating bruises, sprains, strains, injuries and over use conditions.
  • There are two variants for every type of person. Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream for active people & athletes & Family Care for use in pregnancy, young children, senior citizens or those with fragile skin or injury to sensitive body parts.
  • Rapid Recovery Cream is 100% natural with only herbal extracts, natural minerals and essential oils. It has no harmful or questionable pharmaceutical ingredients and made to the highest quality cGMP standards.

Advice on how to treat a Hamstring injury fast.

Hamstring strain is a very common injury which many of us suffer from. 

The group of 3 hamstring muscles are one of the most overworked muscle groups of the body. We need our hamstring muscles to be working well to stand straight, to walk upstairs and to lift heavy items, let alone to sit comfortably, run, dance, kick or swerve. Athletes, sprinters, basket ball players and dancers especially need strong ham strings for those explosive leaps and powerful leg speed.

Because we change our posture when we have hamstring pain, this imbalance can also cause low back and shoulder and even neck complaints.

Hamstring pain can be felt in the inside (medial) hamstring area which refers pain up into the glute/butt muscle crease and down into the inside back of your calf muscle.

Or you can feel it on the outside hamstring area (laterally) which gives you pain behind your knee.

You may also feel pain in your back, or your quadricep (thigh) muscles.

If you were didn’t know about trigger point therapy you would probably be massaging and treating the area where you felt pain.  But this may not be the area (the trigger point area) where the pain was coming from.

Ideas on how to treat Hamstring muscle pain triggerpoints yourself.

You will need:

  • a firm to hard ball such as a lacrosse ball or hockey ball or tennis ball,
  • a hard surface to roll across on –firm kitchen or office chair are best or the floor
  • a tube of Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream to help with pain and recovery (you can buy here)

Important: Safety first If your injury is very recent, if the pain is constant, sharp and intense and especially if you have alot of swelling or new bruising we recommend you wait for 3 or more days and get professional medical advice.  Only work into a reasonable range of pain.

Judge your progress as you go so you can see if you are improving.

Start by measuring your hamstring flexibility….put your foot up onto a low chair or stair, reach your hands to your toes and see how far you can lean forward without pain. Take a photo or a note of where you can reach to, so you can compare your progress over time.

Hamstring Trigger point Rapid Recovery Release:

  1. Begin by rubbing about 10mls or a thumb joint size amount of Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream on the whole mid back of your thigh about one hand width from your knee crease. This is the trigger point area for both major hamstring muscles. Rub into the area well.
  2. After around 5 minutes the area should feel looser and less painful.   Place the firm trigger point ball under your thigh about 1 hand width up from your knee crease.
  3. Roll the ball longways up and down your hamstring muscles, both on the outside and inside back of your thigh.
  4. When you have found the cluster of painful areas roll the ball side ways across your thigh, back wards and forwards several times, then stop where you find a tight painful spot.
  5. Keep your back straight and your core engaged so you keep good posture. Grip seat edge of chair if you need to for balance and control
  6. Keep the ball onto the painful spot (triggerpoint) while adjusting the amount of pressure/weight to a bearable, (but sore) level.
  7. Then breathe in and slowly lift your leg up so that your knee is straight and your leg is parallel with the floor. Pause then return the foot slowly to the ground while breathing out.  Repeat 5 times.
  8. Adjust the location of the ball by moving it up about thumb width/1 inch untill you find another tender area and repeat the process
  9. Breathe in slow lift until leg straight, pause, breath out and return to bent.
  10. Keep going through all the painful spots on the inside thigh trigger clusters and outside trigger clusters.  The back of your thigh will probably feel quite tender.

What next for rapid recovery?

After treatment use another 10 mls / thumb joint size blob of Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream on this area as an active natural anti-inflammatory and fast acting pain reliever to reduce swelling, speed healing and recovery.

Use same amount of  Rapid Recovery Cream before bed to help with repair and healing overnight (we heal when we are sleeping).

Repeat every day until injury resolved.

Athletes should continue to do soft tissue massage 2 to 3 times every week. perhaps with gentle foam rolling.

Ideally do similar triggerpoint release treatments on the two muscle groups above the injury (hips/glutes & lower back) and two muscle groups below the injury site- (calves and achilles or plantar fascia at underside of foot).

Using Rapid Recovery Sports Repair Cream and following these easy to use Triggerpoint tips puts you in control of looking after your own injury and helps you be a better athlete.

It helps keep you moving and your health optimised.  You don’t have to rely on time consuming, expensive and infrequent professional treatments. You can simply pinpoint the painful and troublesome spots, work out where the muscle releases are, then do these simple trigger point releases and some gentle massage to recover rapidly.

**Remember this advice is general in nature and does not take place of qualified medical advice.  If your condition worsens, you develop a  fever or intense pain or you have any other concerns please see your medical practitioner as soon as possible**