Beware -Serious FDA warning about NSAID Drugs.

Up to 50% increased risk of serious cardiovascular event, leading to death from NSAID’s.

Now theres a safe option. Rapid Recovery gives you safe, fast acting and effective 100% natural anti-inflammatory pain cream. 

Share this info with your friends, team mates and family who use NSAID’s – you could save their life.

US FDA announced a serious consumer warning on NSAID drugs, leading to heart attack & stroke. We explain the risks of NSAID drugs and offer an effective natural option with Rapid Recovery Creams.

What are NSAIDs?

This is the abbreviation for Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. It include common drugs such as:

  • Ibuprofen (known in New Zealand as Nurofen, Nurofen Cold & Flu, Maxigesic & Brufen),nurofen gel tube and pack 50ml
  • diclofenac (Voltaren pill and Voltaren Emulgel),
  • celecoxib and naproxen.

NSAID’s include both drugs prescribed by a doctor and over the counter pills and gel.

NSAID’s are used to treat conditions such as arthritis, menstrual cramps, back pain, headaches, colds and flu. Also for accidental inflammation- strains, sprains, bruising, swelling and sports injury.

Recently the US FDA warn all NSAID drugs (except Asprin) significantly increase the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke leading to death (read report here)

The estimate is upto 50% increased risk of serious heart event. This can occur even when NSAID’s are used for a short time. The risk is greater at higher dosages and longer length of time used. (See notes 1 & 2 below)

This risk affects all NSAID users even those without underlying heart disease or risk factors.

NSAID drugs also have a significant negative effect on other body systems. (3 & 4 ). They can cause damage to your kidney and liver, as well and increase stomach ulcers, asthma attacks and severe allergic skin reactions. These warnings are on all NSAID packs.

The risks of NSAID are well known. A significant number of medical experts have been calling for popular NSAID products to be banned for many years.

But what can people use?

Pain, strain and injury can be debilitating and cause real misery in people’s lives. Now, there is an safe effective option.

Nature’s Nurse Rapid Recovery Cream is a herbal anti-inflammatory cream rub. Manufactured in New Zealand in TGA & GMP facilities to stringent standards. With 100% natural active herbal ingredients. Its a fast acting alternative to nurse your families aches & pains – naturally.


Rapid Recovery Rub contains a highly therapeutic dose of Arnica, the safe, natural anti-inflammatory herb. Combined with the fast acting natural pain relieving mineral MSM (high in sulphur with healing properties). Repair and recovery is supported by Comfrey leaf extracts, Colloidal minerals and therapeutic aromatic essential oils.

Key benefits of Rapid Recovery Rubs:

  • Targeted relief right where you need it. Rub directly into the area of pain, injury or discomfort. Right where its needed. No processing via the digestive tract and liver.
  • Long lasting and fasting acting: Natural pain relief that is felt in just 5 minutes & lasting relief for around 4 hours.
  • No restrictions. Use as often as required on unbroken skin: No known safety concerns.  You can use on  strains, sprains, bruising, back and neck pain, arthritis, menstrual cramp, sport injury, recovery from surgery as well as minor swelling, bumps and bangs.
  • It helps treat the cause and the symptoms. Gives you rapid symptomatic relief from inflammation and pain. Supports your body’s speedy recovery from injury.
  • Herbal actives used at therapeutic levels: With very high levels of herbal extracts – 10x more than many other rubs – that work in synergy to give you Rapid Recovery naturally.
  • 100% natural and great to use. Non greasy & fast absorbing. Hypoallergenic. Easy to use flip top tube.  No animal testing.  Sustainably sourced premium herbal extracts. TGA & GMP registered manufacturing facilities.  NZ made and owned.

Rapid Recovery Cream has option right for you:

Sports Rub.  Fresh & cooling.  For pre-sports warm up, injury pain relief & rapid repair after sports and general movement. For reducing delayed muscle pain (DOM’s) and stiffness. Much loved by many athletes especially in the demanding endurance sports of marathon, cycling, cross fit and triathlons.


Family Rub. Soothing, calming therapeutic lavender aroma pain relief rub. Designed for safe effective use for more sensitive customers.  Great for pregnant women, young children and senior citizens.  Has a strong following from customers with arthritis. Recommended by therapists specialising in fertility and pregnancy massage.Multi generation family

Now you can get Rapid Recovery from pain and injury– safely and naturally.  

Share this info with those you love – you could save them from a heart attack or save their lives 

Buy the Rapid Recovery Rub that is right for you.

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